Children's Ministry

Children's Ministry

Prayer Boxes  (for RE students grades 1-5)

Each week one student will take home the class prayer box. Inside you will find a prayer book, candle, statue/crucifix, prayer journal, and a cloth in the liturgical color. Place it somewhere where your family will see it everyday. It doesn’t matter how long you pray, if you pray spontaneously, or if you say a memorized prayer. Write down your prayer intentions in the prayer journal so others can pray for those same intentions. Be sure to look at the intentions of your classmates in the prayer journal and add them to your family prayers. Remember to bring the prayer box back to RE the next week. Hopefully, the prayer box will visit your home multiple times a year.

St. Luke’s Jr. Environment Team

St. Luke’s Jr. Environment Team is a group of grade school students who volunteer their time and talents to decorate St. Luke’s worship space once a month.  They design and create inspirational banners/drawings relating to the liturgical season and to the readings for the Sunday they are assigned.  They are guided and supervised by members of the Environment Team. If you are interested in participating in this ministry please call the office 964-1278.

CLOW - (Children’s Liturgy of the Word)

For each Sunday mass during the school year, 4 year olds - 1st graders are invited to participate.  Father will dismiss the children and volunteers before the first reading to focus on a children’s version of the Gospel, reflection questions, age appropriate prayers of the faithful, and an activity or craft.  The children will be brought back into the church before the offertory.  Adult volunteers are needed to provide this ministry.  If you are interested or have questions, please contact Cindy at

Children’s Bulletins

Just outside of our worship space you will find a basket with children’s bulletins.  These are a great way to involve your Pre-K-1st grader.  Information and activities are specific to the Sunday readings.  

Children’s Missals and Mass Books (Coming Soon!)

Help your child better understand the mass at their own developmental level.  At the entrance to the sanctuary, there is a basket of children’s missals and mass books.  The children’s missals have the readings in a more appropriate reading level.  Your child can read these before mass starts, giving them a better understanding as they hear the readings proclaimed during mass.  This is suggested for children at a second grade reading level or higher.  When you arrive a mass, pick up a children’s missal and help your child find the readings for the mass.

Children may also follow along in mass.  By reading and hearing the words of our liturgy, they greatly increase their chances of comprehension.  There are notes for further clarity that are written at an appropriate reading level.  This is suggested for children at a second grade reading level or higher.  They will need your help following along.  The next time you arrive for mass, pick up a mass book and help your child learn more about the mass!

Children’s Mass Bags (Coming Soon!)

How can you help your young child learn something about our faith during the mass?  Pick up a Children’s Bag as you arrive for mass.  Inside you will find books, toys, coloring books, activities, and even a mass kit. You will find a suggested age level on each tote.  Choose one that is appropriate for your child.  

Please monitor your child during this experience.  Be careful that they don’t color on the pews and please whisper read a book to your child before mass.  Watch that they don’t damage these items and return the bag at the end of mass.


This is the Faith Formation Coordinator’s absolute favorite!  This magazine is sent directly to your home and must be ordered online.  In it you will find prayer resources and activities to prepare you for the weekly mass.  Mass readings are included as well as mass parts and responses.  This is for children ages 6-12.  Check out their website:

In the Parish Bulletin

Each weekly bulletin has a section called, “For the Kids.”  It gives ideas about how to share the gospel, what to draw, and includes a prayer.