Father Adam's Articles


St. Luke the Evangelist parish is our family, our community, our connection to the universal body of Christ, and a place of encounter with God and one another.Our parish provides a means of encounter through Catholic education for youth via our RE program and our parish school, and through support for home schooling families, and through our faith formation programs for the adults of our parish.Developing our Catholic faith across all ages strengthens the domestic church and nurtures the character and values of our parishioners as we live our faith by serving God and others. We are one parish, united in one common mission.

Part of expanding our mission involves expanding our facilities.Thank you to everyone who participated in the Strategic Planning survey that went out in recent weeks.Thanks especially to the people who offered constructive criticism with regard to our current facilities; we began to take steps as soon as the surveys were received to address issues that surfaced in the comments.We will be doing some minor work on our facilities to make our spaces safer and friendlier with regard to acoustics.

The Strategic Planning survey was one part of a larger plan which is being developed to guide our community into the next phase of our growth.We are looking into expanding our facilities soon.Many committees are involved in the development of the next phase, but there is a specific Strategic Planning Committee tasked with coming up with a plan for making the next stage happen.The Strategic Planning Committee continues to discuss and assess the needs of St. Luke’s, and we are even looking into hiring a demographic research firm to provide concrete statistics which we will then use to further guide and mold our discussions.

With the conclusion of the surveys and incorporating the comments contained therein, we are working with the Invision Architecture firm to tweak the initial architectural concept.This architectural plan which we are developing will help guide us as we start the fundraising portion of our expansion.We are in the opening stages of selecting a capital campaign company to guide us through the next capital campaign.We are also planning on starting a feasibility study to see if the next steps are viable now and, if so, how much is possible to build in the near future.

All the discussions of the Strategic Planning committee thus far have involved adding classrooms for the parish school and parish RE to use and general meeting rooms which will be available to the whole parish.At the heart of our discussions is how to best provide enough space for everyone at this stage of our growth.We realize space is limited, and the next step will give us some breathing room. In addition to discussing rooms for everyone, the conversations have always included more parking and more storage, two things we desperately need here at St. Luke’s.

Thanks to you all for making this parish a place of community and encounter, and thanks for your generosity and most especially your prayers as we continue to plan for future community growth.

The St. Luke’s Strategic Planning Committee