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Dear People of St. Luke’s,

This past weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C., joining with several hundred thousand people to show support for the unborn. For 45 years the March for Life has called on congress and the whole of the United States to resist abortion and protect human life in all its stages. There were many powerful testimonies given during this event, and for the first time in history a sitting president addressed the pro-life rally.

One powerful testimony I would like to share with you. It was told to us by one of the sisters of life, and it shows how the power of love is overcoming the culture of death. One day, as the story goes, a lady was riding in an elevator on her way to her OB/GYN, and beside her was a much younger, and obviously pregnant, woman. The lady strikes up a conversation, and begins talking about the gift of life. The young woman is distraught, and says, “I’m going to have an abortion. I just can’t handle it.” After a brief pause the lady responds, “No, you’re not going to have an abortion, you are going to have a baby girl and you are going to tie her hair in pigtails and watch her grow into a woman. And if you need a name for the baby girl, my name is Raquel, and my middle name is Jasmine. When your little girl asks where she got her name, you can tell her that you met a lady in an elevator one day and she changed your life.” At this point the elevator opened, and Raquel guided the young mother to her own OB/GYN, saving the young woman from choosing death over life.

The power of love for life wins over hearts every day, and the story above resulted in lives being saved; the story does not end with the elevator dropping off the two ladies at the OB/GYN. A number of years later Raquel was visited by that young woman, who wanted to thank her for her words of encouragement and show her that she was at least partially right; the young mother did indeed have a daughter, but not only one. With tears in her eyes the young mother introduced Raquel to her twins, baby girls, whose names were Raquel and Jasmine.

Our society’s viewpoint on the gift of life is indeed changing. We are becoming more and more a culture of life, and it is important that we as Catholics continue to teach our young people that life, while possibly a hard choice, is always the right way to go. With prayer and with commitment to love we can overcome the horrible decision of 45 years ago, and once again become a nation that supports life.

This week, say an extra prayer for young mothers who are struggling with their pregnancy. #whywemarch #lovesaveslives

Fr. Adam