Father Adam's Articles

Happy New Year!

My dear people, as we begin the new church year, we look to new beginnings and prepare for the renewal of the world that happens every year when we celebrate the birth of Christ. In December we will have our annual Christmas party, we will celebrate my installation as Pastor, we will have Fr. Friedman joining us for our Advent Mission, and we will be welcoming new members into the Church as part of our revised RCIA process.

We also inviting people to join our community by becoming fully registered members of St. Luke the Evangelist. Registration is easy, and is now online; but there is more that is required for becoming a member of St. Luke’s. In order to experience St. Luke’s to the full, we ask that everyone get involved with at least one ministry- From Knights of Columbus to Religious Ed, from Social Concerns to Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, from volunteering with the school to serving as one of the ministers of Mass. Involvement is the only way to experience to the full the wonderful gifts God has given us here at St. Luke the Evangelist, and He has blessed us so richly! Please consider getting involved this new Church year.

On another note, you may notice that this year we have some new vestments for Advent and Lent. These vestments were made possible through your generosity. Over the course of the past year, I’ve performed a number of baptisms, weddings, house blessings, and even a few funerals (not at St. Luke’s). Often times people are moved to be generous at these events, and even though it isn’t expected or required, people sometimes include a small amount of money in a thank you note. I’ve put all of this money into a fund at St. Luke’s, and together with the Mass stipends (the money that is donated for the saying of a Mass for a specific person) we were able to cover a significant portion of the cost of these vestments. These vestments are now part of St. Luke’s heritage, and will add to our already beautiful liturgies. Every year I plan on using gifts given to me from exercising my priestly role and from Mass stipends to purchase another set of vestments until we have matching sets of all the colors of the liturgical year. Thank you for your continued support of all that we do here at St. Luke the Evangelist. May God Bless you richly in this new liturgical year!