Father Adam's Articles

In one of the most popular stories of our time, a young boy named Harry Potter discovers that he is part of a mythical world of magic. As the world of J.K. Rowling was unfolding around us, I was finishing high-school and entering university. I recall many friends of mine dressing up and going to parties as they eagerly anticipated the release of the next chapter of the story. There was such excitement and enthusiasm as each book was released, so many people eager to experience the next twist, the next development, the next step in Harry’s (and his friends’) fight against evil and their coming of age.

I was hesitant to get drawn into this world as the excitement frothed and boiled over with each new book. I was hesitant because at the end of every great story, every great tale, there is inevitably a let-down. The story either ends on a high note, with the author realizing that any more development would prolong the story and wound the world he or she has created, or trying to milk the story for everything it is worth and the story drags on, becomes stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread, until it withers and fades into oblivion leaving a sour taste in the mouths of everyone who had previously savored its delights. Either way, at tale’s end there is always a sadness, a let-down in the hearts of the readers. Some readers launch into the world anew trying to find the next great story, some stop the search because we think that no greater story can ever be found. Such is the inevitable outcome of all stories, save one.

The story that is written on the redeemed human heart, renewed daily by God’s Grace, is a story that never ends, never has a let-down: it goes on forever, and there is always a new twist, a new turn, to keep the story alive. God is infinite, and the discovery of him is equally as infinite.

At St. Luke’s School, we help our students encounter a realm that is not magical, but mystical. In communion with the Saints crowned with the glory of heaven, we strive to encounter the infinite God daily in the way we pray, the way we learn, and the way we serve. The kingdom of God becomes present in the way our students learn. When they approach every activity, from STEM classes to music, to art, to P.E., they don’t approach with muggle minds, but with mystical minds- centered on the reality that our story begins here and carries us all the way to heaven.

This weekend we are having an open house for our school, and we ask that the whole community come together in prayer for those who may be considering a Catholic Education in Ankeny. We do not offer an ordinary education here. We are here, with the cooperation of parents who are the first teachers of their children, to open up a new world to those entrusted to our care, so that they may learn to be citizens of two worlds- the earthly and the heavenly, this life and the next.

Your prayers are an invaluable part of opening up a new world to the next generation, and we appreciate them greatly. If you know of anyone who could benefit from Catholic Education, please ask them to come to the open house. Give them the invitation to come and speak with Tonya Eaton or myself. We are eager to show all the benefits of St. Luke’s school, a truly wonderful, and mystical, place.

Thanks and Blessings,

Fr. Adam