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My Dear People,

Even though the fields have fallen asleep and the trees have entered their winter slumber, we at St. Luke’s are continuing our growth.  Our school has begun early registration for new families, and we are gearing up for a special evangelization initiative following our Christmas Masses.  Evangelization is an important part of Stewardship. From the United States Conference of Bishops:

Disciples as Stewards

Let us begin with being a disciple—a follower of our Lord Jesus Christ. As members of the Church, Jesus calls us to be disciples. This has astonishing implications:

  • Mature disciples make a conscious decision to follow Jesus, no matter what the cost.

  • Christian disciples experience conversion—life shaping changes of mind and heart—and commit their very selves to the Lord. 

  • Christian stewards respond in a particular way to the call to be a disciple. Stewardship has the power to shape and mold our understanding of our lives and the way in which we live.

Jesus' disciples and Christian stewards recognize God as the origin of life, giver of freedom, and source of all things. We are grateful for the gifts we have received and are eager to use them to show our love for God and for one another. We look to the life and teaching of Jesus for guidance in living as Christian stewards.

A new initiative begins this January at St. Luke’s, and you are invited.  It is a process by which the work of evangelization comes to fruition in the hearts and minds of believers; it starts with Discovering Christ. 

Please consider registering for Discovering Christ at:  www.slte.org/discover

The event is free, and the leadership and I are praying for you!  For more information, there will be a handout available on the table in the narthex, next to the Phase II donor tree.

As we continue to grow together, I encourage you to get to know one another.  If you recognize someone you don’t know, please introduce yourself.  Friendships start with a name and grow from there. 

If you have been looking into St. Luke’s, or are new to the area, consider making this your parish home!  We are encouraging new people to register in the month of December.  Registration is encouraged for anyone wanting to get involved in the many activities, family fun events, service projects, and faith formation groups we have at St. Luke’s.  Registration is required for the sacraments of marriage and baptism at St. Luke’s.  As an added bonus (‘BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!!!”) any new family that registers between now and December 21st will be entered into a drawing for an Instapot!   

Have a Happy Advent!

Fr. Adam