Father Adam's Articles

September 30, 2018

My dear people,

As we began St. Michael’s Lent I referenced St. Francis of Assisi, who was given a task by God: “Rebuild my Church.” He took the message to heart and spent his life in devotion to our Lord, working diligently to rebuild the church of his day. Rebuilding the church in our day has been the focus of the last month. We begin to rebuild by praying and fasting, working with diligence to refocus our hearts on Jesus who is the author and perfecter of our faith. Just as a doctor or nurse, who are healthy, work to apply remedies to someone who is ill, so we too, who do not share in the heinous acts of a number of clergy, through our prayers seek to bring healing to victims and the purification of our church. This is part of the rebuilding process in which we take an active role.

Ultimately, the salvation of our church hinges on a personal encounter with the risen Lord. Each and every member of our parish, each and every person in Ankeny, Polk City, and Sheldahl, deserves to hear the words of Jesus, to see him looking with love upon them, and to experience the greatest gift that he gave us- new life in him. By allowing ourselves to be more configured to Christ, who himself fasted and prayed, we are opening our hearts and our parish to being a bridge that connects our community with Christ and with the gifts his Holy Spirit brings.

We are ready at St. Luke’s to extend that invitation to all in our Parish; to our neighbors, to our friends, to our coworkers- our hearts are ready not only to receive Jesus, but to receive the people he sends to us so that we can show them the love that God and the Church have for them.

But we have to get the word out.

We’ve done much already to get the word out, and now it is time to take one more step into our future of rebuilding the church. To that end, I’m asking for volunteers to help form a Parish Marketing and Outreach team. The team’s mission will be to extend the invitation to check out St. Luke’s to our community. There are so many new faces in our boundaries, and it would be wonderful to see them connect with the vibrant atmosphere of our parish, to share with them the love of Jesus, and to invite them to join the Kingdom of God made manifest here at St. Luke’s. Some days the task of the team will be as simple as hanging posters in various public places. Some days the team will help with video projects, or with reading contracts for advertising, or with working with vendors to make sure our invitation is hitting as many homes as possible.

This is only one step, but an important one, in making sure the mission of St. Luke’s is indeed successful.

If you are interested, please contact me at fradam@slte.org.

Thanks in advance for your help in rebuilding (and building afresh) the Church in Ankeny. Many blessings to you!

Fr. Adam