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Tolkien, Paul and Barnabas

On Monday I had the opportunity to go and see the new Tolkien movie that was released last week. While it probably won’t win any awards, it gave a fascinating interpretation on where Tolkien began to form the world of middle earth. There is a scene (spoiler but not really) where Tolkien and his friends make a pact to form a brotherhood, one that will change the world. The exuberance of youth led the companions to dream of doing big things in the world, and also to stand by one another through thick and thin.

While Tolkien was the only one of them to achieve international renowned, the bonds of friendship he formed with his small group propelled him forward into adulthood.

Similar bonds of fellowship propelled the early disciples, with none of them being capable of making the disciples’ journey alone.

Paul and Barnabas resolved to do great things for God, and as they formed their brotherhood they brought about amazing changes in the lives of those they encountered.

We have a new fellowship forming here at St. Luke’s, not only with the new members of the parish who are joining our ranks, but also among the staff. This week we welcomed Annette Bailey as our new Bookkeeper, and we are looking forward to having her as part of our team. Welcome Annette! We are happy to be making progress on the positions of principal and several teachers for next year. I pray that these new members of our fellowship will bring about as wonderful an encounter with the Holy Spirit as did the relationship of Paul and Barnabas in the city where they ministered- Ankeny is large, and needs to know the good news of Jesus Christ!

Let us change the world!

Changing gears slightly, I will be gone on retreat this week. I have the opportunity to slip away for a few days of prayer and relaxation, and I am going to enjoy it! The retreat follows the Ignatian method of prayer, and will be directed by a friend of mine from my days with Kerygma teams. Pray for me, I will be praying for you!

Blessings to you all,
Fr. Adam