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God works in mysterious ways

God works in mysterious ways. Over a month ago one of my friends from my missionary days mentioned in conversation that there was an Ignatian retreat that was happening this past week. I prayed about it and decided that it was a good time for me to go and pray about the upcoming transition, and to refocus myself even more on the missionary mandate given to all disciples of Christ. I decided to make the retreat so I called her back and expressed interest, but she told me the retreat was full.

Three weeks ago she messaged me that a spot had become available, so I jumped at the chance- I was able to get coverage for Masses, I’d already kept my calendar clear in case it worked out so I didn’t have any schedule conflicts, and I packed and was ready to go. Sunday morning (the day I was supposed to leave) she messaged me again and said that the roads to the retreat center were impassible due to rain, and that I shouldn’t come. Here I was with all Masses covered, nothing on the schedule, and no where to go. I called one of my classmates and asked if he had a room in his rectory for me to come and crash for a week- he opened his doors and here I am, nowhere close to where I thought I would be, yet still able to spend significant time in prayer, discernment, and spiritual direction (via phone with the retreat center). The first day of the retreat was amazing! God works in mysterious ways.

I’ve been praying for you all as well this week, and I hope God provided you with many special graces this past week.

I look forward to reconnecting with you at Masses this weekend.

Fr. Adam