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My Dear People,

Thank you to everyone who participated in the rectory book sale- we made $152 for Christlife and now I have 4 less boxes of books to move to Creston.

Christlife has been winding down at St. Luke’s, and so far over 50 people have been a part of the Discovering Christ portion of the Christlife series. Right now a core group is training for the Following Christ component- they are hoping to launch the second part of Christlife this fall, and it will be open to everyone who has gone through Alpha or Discovering Christ. Please stay tuned and pray for the core group!

As I served as a missionary in Austria and in former Soviet Cell Block countries, I had the privilege of receiving training in programs such as Christlife that helped prayer groups to form and grow over Europe- I was a student watching missionary masters. I saw some of these programs and prayer groups in their infancy or as they were just taking off under the leadership of some of my trainers, and now when I visit 15 years later I see them having quite an impact in Europe. Most recently, Awakening Europe happened in Austria- with 12,000 people coming together in prayer for Europe and Austria.

Christlife at St. Luke’s has the same roots- groups gathering in prayer, sharing faith, and discovering the diversity of the gifts the Spirit gives us, gifts that call us to serve one another and share the Gospel.

I look forward to looking back 15 years from now and seeing how the Lord moves in the hearts of the people of St. Luke’s, especially through the Christlife process. In the meantime, I encourage each one of you to enroll in Discovering Christ and begin the wonderful journey- a journey that can change the course of nations.

Blessings to you all,
Fr. Adam Westphal