From Father Ken's Quill

Father Ken Halbur is the Pastor of St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Parish in Ankeny, Iowa and these posts are letters written in the church’s weekly bulletin.

Settling In

The summer just seems to be flying by, and there is so much going on this summer. With the move, I keep having people ask if I am settling in here. I am, and there is still so much I need to learn about being here and serving everyone here. This week however, I will be taking a break from things, Thursday the 1st I will be having surgery on my rotator cuff because I tore a tendon. This means that I will be out of the office for a few days, and will not be at the Masses next weekend, but I will be available sometime in a week or so. My plan is to be back pretty quick, but I may not be fully engaged for a little while, but I will be involved.

Since I will only have use of one arm for 5-6 weeks, I have asked that the deacons serve at every weekend Mass for a couple of months. This will give me some help at the altar, and I may be asking for some help with other things as well. I will also need to be gone a little more often over the next few months so that I can do my physical therapy. Fr. Amadeo and Fr. Downey will also be helping out around here as needed, they also may cover a Mass each weekend for the next few months just to help out. It will work out just fine. Keep me in your prayers this Thursday.

Something else big happened last week, we now have a new bishop named, Bishop elect William Joensen and he will be ordained a bishop in September at St. Francis of Assisi Church. I ask that you also keep Bishop Pates and Bishop-Elect Joensen in your prayers as they transition. Officially on July 18th, Bishop Pates is no longer the bishop of the Diocese of Des Moines, so you may have noticed (if I remembered to do it), that we skip the line about praying for the bishop during Mass. This is because we officially do not have an ordinary (bishop) of the diocese from the time the bishop’s resignation is accepted until the time in which the new bishop is ordained and or installed. Bishop-elect Joensen will be ordained and installed as the 10th bishop of Des Moines on September 27th at St Francis of Assisi church. This will be a wonderful day for the diocese, so keep the date open so that you can join the people of the diocese in welcoming him.

I know that this has been a summer of many changes here at St. Luke’s, but in the end, we will be stronger. Keep praying for all of us here at the parish, as well as all of the people of the diocese.

Fr. Ken