From Father Ken's Quill

Father Ken Halbur is the Pastor of St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Parish in Ankeny, Iowa and these posts are letters written in the church’s weekly bulletin.

Learning From Change

As I write this article, I am recovering from my surgery, and one of the interesting things is how you have to adapt how you do things differently. With the use of only one arm for a while, I am trying to get used to doing some simple and basic things much differently, one of the interesting things that is challenging is just getting dressed in the morning (go ahead and try putting on a pair of socks or a belt only using one arm.) As I have been out of the office (mostly) I have been reading some from The Life of Theresa of Jesus by Theresa of Avila. Her life reminds me that I need to be humble and ask for help and not to try and do everything myself, which tends to be the way I do things, not because I have a need to do everything myself, but in my mind, I do not want to bother others. I am grateful for the meals that have been provided and they were all very good. I am also grateful for the help that my parents have done in getting me back and forth to appointments as well as taking care of me right after the surgery, it is wonderful that they are so close now.

Speaking of changes in how things I do things, I am sure that you have noticed a few minor changes in how we do things. As St. Luke’s grows, it will be constantly undergoing many changes, some of them will be small and barely noticeable, some will affect many. It is not my intention to make many major changes, if I can help it, but some do need to be done because of circumstances. One of the big ones coming up is the change of the day of the School Mass. When Mrs. Hade and I were looking at the schedule, we realized that if we kept Mass on Friday for the school, the kids would miss 9 Friday Masses because of the schedule, but if we moved it to Wednesday, we would only miss 4 and most of those would be around holidays anyway. We then brought it to the School Board and Parish Council to discuss it, and they thought that it would be good. So, beginning on August 28th and there following, Wednesday Mass will be at 8:30 with the St. Luke’s School students instead of 7:45 and the Friday Mass beginning on the 30th will be at 7:45. When I was in Creston, I loved seeing the school kids participating in the Mass with doing the readings and other ministries. I got so many comments from people amazed at how good the kids did in front of a group, and I am sure that it will be the same here. I know that I speak for Mrs. Hade and myself in saying we are so looking forward to beginning the school and RE year!

Fr. Ken