Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Late January Wanderings

To All St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church Website Visitors:

Since the first letter was written for this website, a lot of things have been happening for me as the new pastor of St. Luke’s. When Bishop Pates made the announcement about this new parish, he advised me that I should take a few days of vacation because once things began to unfold at St. Luke’s it would be harder to do so. I took his advice literally.

Once I had moved to OLIH rectory with Fr. Steve Orr, I moved my things in and set up a temporary office in the basement of the OLIH rectory. You can stop in and see what I am up to anytime. In the days right after moving on 1/3/11, I made some contacts with the Ankeny Schools and found that we can rent the Ashland Ridge Elementary School Gym, lunchroom and another smaller room for our Sunday mass and gatherings beginning as early as March 13,2011. I will confirm that arrangement hopefully in the very near future. I have also looked at several possible office spaces to rent within the parish boundaries. If you have any possible office spaces that you are aware of please let me know.

Following the Bishop’s advice, I went on my annual skiing trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado January 8 – 13. Four men of St. Theresa’s joined me in the wonderful skiing. It snowed 18 inches the first night we were there. That meant four wonderful days skiing. It was a great time to ski, to play games, to watch movies and listen to audio books traveling back and forth. I came home on Thursday evening and went to the Friday Good Shepherds, Good Leaders Institute day session in Griswold. Over thirty priests of the diocese are in this two year program.

The weekend of January 15 – 16 was my farewell at St. Theresa’s. I preached at all the masses and enjoyed a reception Sunday afternoon. The week of January 17 – 23, I joined Fr. Steve at the daily masses at OLIH except for Wednesday when I celebrated mass for Holy Trinity School. As many of you know, I was the celebrant at the masses at OLIH January 22 – 23. It was a great time to meet many of you if even for a moment. A good number of you stopped by the St. Luke’s table and picked up registration forms. We need them back as soon as possible so we can get updated and accurate information into the parish census.

Some might be wondering if there will be a Religious Education program beginning at St. Luke’s at this time. St. Luke’s program will not begin now but more likely this coming fall. The first order of business will be to get people registered and to begin to gather to get to know each other. We will form a community that will be able to celebrate mass together soon. If you are interested in being on our liturgy committee, please let me know. If you would like to host a home mass on Tuesday or Thursday evenings at say 6:30 pm, please let me know. It will be a good way to pray and talk about the possibilities for St. Luke’s.

For now thank you for taking time to look at this update. Until the new time,

Fr. Larry Hoffmann