Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Gold of Thanks - Blue/Violet of Waiting

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

By now, all the turkey leftovers should have been made into turkey sandwiches, turkey and noodles or club salads. It is always a great joy to gather with family members and to share great food and great memories.

Our celebration of Thanksgiving a few days ago reminds us of how generous and loving our God is to us. All that we have and all the opportunities we enjoy are gifts from God who cares about every aspect of our lives. We could so easily have been born in a different part of the world, in a different time, when our circumstances of life would be far less than what we have to be thankful for today. We just praise our loving and generous God.

This Sunday, we begin the season of Advent. It is our time of watching and waiting for the coming of the Lord Jesus into our lives. It is a time for each of us to commit ourselves to a daily effort to listen to the word of God. I recommend that you take one of the Little Blue Books that have daily Advent readings and meditations in them. It is a great way to let the word of God touch your day.

We will be having Advent reflection groups as well. They will allow folks to spend some time together reflecting on the Advent Sunday Readings. Fr. John Ludwig from St. John the Apostle’s parish in Norwalk put together the reflection questions. Consider being part of one of these groups.

This First Sunday of Advent is also the beginning of the use of the new Roman Missal. The new translation of many of the prayers and responses will be a challenge for us all in the weeks and months ahead. It will be a chance for us all to learn some chant responses to the new wordings. Please bear with me as I struggle to find my place in the new book. Many of the prayers that I have memorized over the years I will have to read until they become familiar. 

By beginning to use this new Roman Missal and by being intentional following the new wording, we have a chance to be intentional about the Eucharist we are celebrating. We can just coast along in Mass without having to think. For some months, we will have to think about what we are doing and perhaps rediscover the awesome mystery of the presence of Jesus in His word and in His real presence in the bread and wine that is now His body and blood. 

May this need to listen and speak more carefully help us intentionally prepare for the coming of Jesus in these Advent days.

If you have not yet filled your Stewardship of Treasure Commitment sheet, I ask you to please do so as soon as possible. It will be a great help for us when we come to our budget making time.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann