Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Watching, Waiting for Mercy

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

The days of Advent invite us to watch and to wait for the Lord. We prepare to celebrate the first coming of the Lord and we prepare for the reality of the second coming of the Lord at the end of time. In both cases, this is a time of joy — a time to remember how the Son of God came into our world. That is an awesome moment when Jesus became one of us. It is a time of joy as we have confidence and hope in the promises that the Son of God has made to share His life with us who believe in him and follow him. When the end time comes, we can be filled with hope.

This last week was touched with unique moments. Cindy Clefisch, our Faith Formation Director, and Jenifer Mulcahy, our Secretary/Bookkeeper, and I were on Bishop Pates’ Thanksgiving Radio show on KWKY on Friday (by recording). It was fun to thank God and to talk about the good things happening at St. Luke’s.

Later that evening, we had the first meeting of the Strategic Planning Team for St. Luke’s. This team will begin the process of developing the Master Plan for the facilities at St. Luke’s. They have a large task before them. As they make steps in the process, they will be making every effort to keep you informed about each step along the way. Keep them in your prayers.

On Wednesday, November 23, I was part of the funeral Mass for my seminary classmate Fr. James Polich. He was pastor of St. Augustin for a good number of years. He was a scripture scholar and teacher as well as a pastor. He touched the lives of a wide range of people and he will be profoundly missed. May the Lord welcome him into the joy of the eternal life we all await.

After the Thanksgiving Day Mass at St. Anne’s, I did enjoy dinner at my sister Carol’s home in Omaha with a good gathering of the clan. On Friday, we had a “Black Friday” gathering to watch the Iowa/Nebraska game at my sister’s home in Council Bluffs. One of her children graduated from Iowa and one from Nebraska. There was lots of cheering for both. We congratulate Jacob and Stacey Reichling on the baptism of their son, Leo Thomas, at last Sunday’s Mass. It is great to see St. Luke’s parish community continue to grow.

This last Monday, November 28, I attended the Good Leaders, Good Shepherds Institute Day at Griswold. They helped us look at ways to form parish teams, problem solve and to conduct effective meetings. All of these will be very helpful.

Don’t forget that we have Reconciliation on Saturday mornings from 9-10:00 am at St. Anne’s. It is good to prepare for the coming of the Lord by examining our lives, confessing our sins and receiving the forgiveness of our God. True peace and joy of the Lord then will then have room in our hearts.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann