Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

After the Blizzard and into the Cold

Dear St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Parish Website Visitors:

Last Wednesday 2/2 everyone had an opportunity to stay home and watch the blizzard go by! There was no mass at OLIH that morning and people took the day to dig out. Since then it has been a bit cold as well. But then it is Iowa and it is winter and February.

I did get out to have a home mass at Tracy Deutmeyer and Matt Edwards home on NW 26th Street. It was great to celebrate with them and to talk about St. Luke’s. I had the chance to celebrate Reconciliation on Saturday afternoon before the 5:00 pm mass and to be the celebrant at the weekend masses while Deacon Jeff did the homilies. I am certainly becoming more familiar with your celebrations at OLIH. I enjoyed commissioning the new Stephen Ministers at the 8:30 am Sunday Mass. That Sunday evening, I did accept an invitation to enjoy the Super Bowl and cheer for the Packers. Of course there was good food for football.

During the day on Sunday, Fr. Steve returned and had to face all his email, snail mail and voice mail. That can be the hardest part of traveling. On Monday 2/7 at 5:30 pm, there was another meeting of new St. Luke’s parishioners at the Rectory basement temporary office. A good group attended to talk about things that have been done so far and the kinds of things that need to begin happening. Interest in a Membership Committee, a Welcoming Committee, a Liturgy Committee, a Finance Committee and a committee to plan a large gathering on Sunday early evening on March 6 began to be identified. Our next meeting is set for Wednesday 2/16 7:00 pm in the OLIH Rectory basement.

On Tuesday 2/8, I was able to confirm with Ankeny Schools the use of the Ashland Ridge Elementary School for Mass beginning potentially as early as March 13. Mark your calendars. That evening Bob and Kathy Lickteig hosted Mass at their home on Westwinds Blvd. A nice, large group sang and celebrated well. There was a nice discussion held afterward about the future of St. Luke’s. The chocolate chip cookies were great!

Today 2/9 I had my first conversation with a parishioner about someone from St. Luke’s that wants to be in the RCIA. Several parents to be have already asked me about baptizing their children when they would be born. It would appear that St. Luke’s parish life is developing very quickly! Let me know if you would like to help with RCIA.

Today I also had lunch with representatives of an architectural firm and a contracting company telling me of what they could do to help St. Luke’s even in these early days. They will share what other new parishes have done and the process they used in their earliest days.

I do encourage you to send in your registration sheets for St. Luke’s. Many of you took them home from OLIH. You can also find them on St. Luke’s web site. We need a permanent record in case the parish census software would ever go down. We can now set up automatic withdrawal from your account for financial support of St. Luke’s. Forms are available at the OLIH office or at my basement office.

The two Rectory basement meetings and the two home masses have been great times to talk and to get excited about what can be for St. Luke’s. If you would like to host a home mass please let me know and I am sure a time can be arranged. You are welcome to come to the Wednesday 2/16 7:00 pm meeting in the Rectory basement to listen to what has happened so far and to be part of what needs to be done. In the meantime, be blessed. Pick up one of the St. Luke the Evangelist Prayer Book Markers and use it to pray for us all.

Fr. Larry