Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

St. Luke Dreaming

Dear St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church Parishioners,

On the morning of March 29, I woke up to see that everything was white with snow again! I keep thinking that spring will really arrive but not yet. Still I am filled with hope and confidence that the season will change. Even more than that, I am filled with hope and confidence as we spend these forty days of Lent with Jesus knowing that his suffering and death will lead to the joy of resurrection at Easter.

I have heard some rumors about plans for what will be built first at St. Luke’s. Some say the school will be first. Others say the church will come first. Still others say that the Senior Housing is what has been planned 1st. Just to assure all of you, there are no plans made about what will be built first. There are no building plans at all at this time.

Before any building plans can be made, St. Luke the Evangelist parish needs to grow as a community. Right now we have about 92 registered families. It is great that the community has begun like this. We have several volunteer committees beginning to meet. People are beginning to be Liturgical ministers in different ways at our Sunday celebrations. Many have signed up for volunteer opportunities that have yet to meet. Yet we will need to be larger in number to think about any building very soon.

As our parish continues to grow in number and in our commitment to a Stewardship way of life, we will develop a Master Plan for St. Luke’s parish campus. A Steering Committee will be formed to do so. When we have grown, a feasibility study will be conducted to determine what kind of financial ability we have. With some sense of what a Capital Campaign could raise in St. Luke’s, then a determination of what part of the Master Plan could be undertaken will be made. Then decisions about what should be built and when, will make more sense.

At this early stage for St. Luke’s, we need to come to know each other by name. We need to grow and be formed as a community of faith. We need to see Jesus and his love for us and his promise of eternal life become the center of our lives. We need to pray every day for the guidance of the Holy Spirit so we are moving as God wants us to move as a parish. When we have put these living, faith stones in place in St. Luke’s then we will be in a position to put some bricks and stones in building foundations.

May we grow and dream guided by the Holy Spirit. May we let Christ be the center of our lives. When we do, St. Luke’s buildings will become all that God has in mind for us. Be blessed these Lenten Days.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann