Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

A Full, Interesting & Fun Week

Dear St, Luke’s Parishioners,

The week has given us a full range once again of Iowa at its finest. From 94 degrees to into the low 40’s, we knew the warm and jacket weather once again. God’s blessings come in unique packages.

I hope you had a chance to be with your mother last Sunday like my family did. It is wonderful to be able to gather and thank God for the gift of life and love that has come to us through God’s gift of mothers.

After last Sunday’s family gathering, I was able to join three other priests and play golf at the Annual St. Vincent de Paul Golf Outing. It was a wonderful and warm day at Jester Park. My golf was pretty typical – a few good shots to help with our “Best Ball” effort – we ended up 2 under (with several Mulligans!) The dinner after at the Lodge was wonderful as usual. It was good to see many of the area golfers supporting the work of St. Vincent de Paul.

On Tuesday, I met with Sr. Susan after the 7:45 am mass to talk about RCIA at St. Luke’s. We will be participating in that effort over the summer. Fr. Steve and I serve on the same Marriage Tribunal for the Diocese and we had our monthly panel meeting at noon that day. I met with one new family that afternoon and then substituted for the KC golf league at Otter Creek. My golf score was its usual good and not so good combination.

On Wednesday there were two meetings. Several St. Luke’s parishioners and KC’s are helping me plan and set up for my 40th Anniversary of Ordination celebration on May 29th. I appreciate all the help they are giving to make this happen. Later in the evening, we had our latest Organizing Committee meeting. In our discussions, we spoke of the immediate need of finding ways to invite more potential parishioners to register and become part of St. Luke’s. We hope to have neighborhood gatherings, cookouts and/or home masses where we can invite folks in the area to come and learn about what is happening at St. Luke’s. We are going to be having Religious Education this fall at St. Luke’s and a letter to everyone will be going out in a few days telling about our program as well as giving an update of things at St. Luke’s.

We talked as well about having Norm Borman from the Diocese come to tell us about the Diocesan Building Commission guide lines. We want to be following their process when we start looking at Master Planning for St. Luke’s.

On Thursday, Dr. Tom Neal from the St. Joseph’s Education Center for the Des Moines Region, came to a home visit to talk about how we can join a pilot program for Baptism Preparation that is being developed through his office. It looks great. We have several couples who want to help with this preparation and we look forward to more information soon. That evening, a good number of parishioners came for our First Faith Formation Committee meeting. We looked at the full range of Faith Formation that would help with Life Long Learning in faith. We talked about Faith Formation classes for K – 8 grades for this Fall after the 9:00 am mass. It looks like we should have enough students to begin our classes.

Friday morning after the 7:45 am mass, I joined the OLIH Funeral Choir for their breakfast They even gave me a chance to talk about St. Luke’s. That afternoon, I joined my Jesus Caritas Priests’ support group for our monthly meeting. Saturday morning and afternoon after Reconciliation, I prepared for our Sunday Celebration.

The week was again full and interesting (fun too!) May the blessings of the Risen Lord touch you in your coming week.

Peace, Fr. Larry