Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

“Full Final Spring Days”

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

Last Sunday, we had great fun at our 1st Annual Parish Picnic at North Creek Park off of Irvinedale. There were threatening clouds and things stayed nice and cool, but for a few raindrops, the weather held up nicely. That meant that we had great food, the hamburgers and Hot Dogs were just right. There was more other food than a person should put on a plate as well.

Thanks to all who helped set up, do the barbequing and help arrange things. We had a good time trying to get the BOCCE balls to roll on the lawn in the direction of the “pallina.” Next year we will have to arrange some tournament games so that everyone can be involved in some game or another. Again, thanks to all who were part of the fun.

On Monday, Msgr. Bognanno had arranged for me to play golf with him and two other priests at the Bishop Drumm annual Golf outing. We got off to a good start at 10:30 am and played 2 1/2 holes when they called everyone back to the clubhouse. After we got there, the rain cut loose! It rained, blew hard, with lots of lightening and completely washed out the tournament. It stopped after an hour or so but there was so much water on the course, we would have been swimming.

On Tuesday after mass, I led the opening prayer at the Vacation Bible School where many of our St. Luke’s students participated in “Pandamania” at OLIH. It was great to see all the 300+ young people get excited about learning more about God. At noon, Fr. Steve and I had our monthly meeting at the Marriage Tribunal Panel. We have both been on the same panel for a good number of years.

Wednesday after mass, I met with someone for Spiritual Direction. That afternoon, I met with the Des Moines Regional Priest for our quarterly meeting at St. Theresa’s. There was a good gathering of priests to look at current concerns of a Diocesan and Regional basis. That evening at 6:30 pm, I was part of a meeting to work out further details for St. Luke’s SCRIP program. It is about to begin with an opportunity to help raise funds for St. Luke’s without costing us except for time and organization. Please consider becoming familiar with how this will work in the presentations that will be made in the next few weeks.

Wednesday evening, the Organizing Committee met again. Progress of the various committees was reviewed. We spent time talking about having Home masses on Saturday evenings this summer to encourage folks to know about and join St. Luke’s. Several have been scheduled. If you would like to have a Home Mass during the week, please contact me. I have a good number of nights available.

On Thursday, a number of St. Theresa’s parishioners came up to Ankeny and we had lunch at Palmer’s Deli. They we went out to see the St. Luke’s building site. We walked up the hill and imagined how things will look in the not too distant future. They are a supportive and joyful group.

That evening, I double booked meetings at St. Anne’s. The Finance Committee and the Faith Formation Committee met at 7:00 pm. The current budget and the next fiscal year’s budget were discussed. Thank all of your for your financial support. The Faith Formation Committee talked a lot about Religious Education on Sunday at St. Luke’s in the Fall. We also talked about RCIA.

Have a blessed week celebrating Corpus Christi.

Peace, Fr. Larry Hoffmann