Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Blue Skies and Bright Sun for St. Luke’s

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners, 

As I look out the window, I notice something I have not seen for quite a while. The mowed grass is turning brown in spots. It is actually dry on the surface. July in Iowa with the sun and the heat has arrived. When you are outside, don’t forget the sun block! (Especially for us fair and freckled folks!)

Last Friday, I enjoyed blessing the home of one of St. Luke’s parishioners. We then enjoyed a fine dinner with rhubarb pie! I do encourage you to consider having your homes blessed. It is a great way to intentionally let God into the atmosphere and place where you gather as family. Let me know if you are interested.

Saturday after Reconciliation, homily preparation and a nice bike ride, I had a chance to have dinner with Fr. Bob Kem from St. Anne’s Episcopal Church and his father. It was good to share hamburgers, fresh corn, beans and strawberry and blueberry shortcake as well as good fellowship.

Monday the 4th of July was a wonderful gift from God. The weather was just perfect. I had a chance to join three family and friends celebrations. It is hard to enjoy the celebrations and keep from visiting all the good food too much. At one of the gatherings, we had the annual croquet tournament. The winner of the 10 team tournament received the traveling golden mallet marked on the handle for each year. What fun the peanut gallery has watching after they are eliminated!

Tuesday evening I attended the Ankeny Planning and Zoning meeting. They were discussing some changes in zoning for new housing that will be going up south east from our church property. It looks like we will soon have more neighbors. It is very interesting to hear about the kinds of development that will be unfolding soon in Ankeny.

On Wednesday I met with another couple from St. Luke’s who will begin preparation for marriage next year. It is great to be part of this sacrament, God present in the lives of young people committing themselves to each other.

Just a little information about St. Luke’s: we now have 120 registered families. We need to grow as a parish family. I encourage you to talk to your neighbors and friends who live in our area and to invite them to consider being part of the new faith community. We are small in number and can get to know each other easily. We can participate in the activities of St. Luke’s and know who is with us. Don’t forget to register for Fall Sunday morning K-8 Religious Education at St. Luke’s. See the form on the web site.

May all of you be blessed in these summer days.

Peace, Fr. Larry Hoffmann