Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

St. Luke’s at Play while Fr. Larry is Away

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

By the time your are reading this, I will be well on my way from Glenwood to Atlantic on the first day of RAGBRAI. I know there will be lots of hills to climb. May the Lord bless us with relief from the heat and humidity!

Last Saturday 7/9, I enjoyed celebrating mass at Tom and Jennifer Joensen’s home. It was good to celebrate with neighbors and family and to extend a welcome to St. Luke’s parish close to where the church will be. Sunday evening, I had the chance to enjoy an evening meal at another St. Luke’s home and to meet some of the neighbors. You too can let me know if you would like to have your home blessed.

Monday, I accepted the invitation to play golf at the Christ the King Golf Outing at Echo Valley. It was very warm but with a nice breeze. The golf was good as well with enough good shots to play again. That evening, I celebrated the Installation of new officers Mass for the OLIH Knights of Columbus followed by their pork chop dinner. Nicely done!

On Tuesday, I attended the Good Shepherds, Good Leaders Institute at Griswold. It is a continuation of this two year program. Wednesday evening, the SCRIP committee met at St. Anne’s. Later that evening, the Organizing Committee met for its’ regular meeting. Bishop Pates joined us and after getting our regular update on parish activities, he gave his comments and suggestions.

Bishop Pates encouraged us in all aspects of parish life. He shared his experience of starting a new parish in Woodbury, Minnesota. He encouraged us to develop the focus of St. Luke’s School, that which will be unique to St. Luke’s future. We will be exploring ways to invite families to be part of the school even now.

On Thursday evening, the Faith Formation Committee met. We reviewed how St. Luke’s could be involved in the RCIA process. We spoke of ways to develop Adult Faith Formation opportunities. Discussion of the progress of Religious Education for St. Luke’s in the Fall continued. There is at least one Catechist for each grade level K—7. We  need a Catechist for 8th grade and a second  Catechist for several of the grades. Please let me know if  you can help out. The class calendar is set. Individual class session plans are being set. If you have not registered for Sunday 10:20—11;20 am RE classes beginning 9/18 please do so on line or after mass on Sunday.

If you know of someone who would be interested in beginning the RCIA process this September, have them contact me. Several St. Luke’s family have already done so. It is a great way to have faith questions answered and to be able to grow in the gift of faith.

St. Luke’s is growing in numbers as a parish. We  discussed ways to continue that growth last Wednesday. One  of the ways is to use an “Update Script” and to make calls to Catholic families in the area. We are planning on having some calling parties soon. If you can help make some calls, please let me know. It is a great way to let families know about St. Luke’s and to invite them to join us.

Keep  all the RAGBRAI riders in your prayers.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann