Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Seeds of Dreams and Visions

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

The week of July 17th was a real effort by the sun to see if we could be melted! I am sure all those 90 degree days with that high humidity had people wondering and keeping near AC with plenty of water. Now we have another point of reference for summer weather in Iowa.

This last Sunday afternoon the Stewardship Committee had its monthly meeting. We continue our study of “Making Stewardship a Way of Life”. It is a book written by members of St. Thomas More Parish near Denver that has done so. It is amazing all that they have been able to do as a parish with that Stewardship way of operating.

One of the things that has been highly recommended by all Stewardship programs is that parishes would “tithe the tithe.” That means that 10% of weekly financial support would be used for causes outside the parish. We have begun that element of stewardship and exploring causes outside the parish. If you have recommendations, let me know.

We will be having a Ministry Fair on Sunday August 21. It is a time when committees and groups from St. Luke’s will have information on display and sign up tables after mass on Sunday. It is a great time to learn about what is already happening at St. Luke’s. It is a time when you can choose a way or ways to be involved in our parish.

On Monday of last week, I finally made the bike trip up to the Trestle Bridge near Madrid and back. I was not disappointed to get back shortly before noon and the high point of the heat. I hope this helps me be more ready for the RAGBRAI miles.

On Wednesday, I had a chance to take part in the Blood Drive at OLIH. They were able to draw with the first attempt—Yeah! That evening the Organizing Committee met again. We reviewed the activities of the week. Rudy Marcinko from St. Francis joined us and spent some time talking about his experience as the chairperson of their building committee during their construction process. It was good to hear about the various steps involved.

He made a strong point about the need to have a vision for the parish first. The vision is a statement about the purpose of the parish and why we would want or need facilities. He spoke about how once a sense of the vision for St. Luke’s is fashioned, then needs surveys and input from you the parishioners should be gained so that this vision can be honed into a statement that truly reflects our parish. If you feel that you can be part of a 6-8 person committee to fashion that vision, please contact me soon.

Thursday evening the finance committee met for its regular meeting. Your financial support has enabled St. Luke’s not only to pay its bills but to also to have some reserve for our future building efforts.

Friday found me making final preparations for the bike trip across Iowa. Don’t forget to register for Religious Education beginning at St. Luke’s September 18 after Sunday Mass. Forms are available after mass or online.

Tell your friends and neighbors that “You are always welcome at St. Luke’s.”

Fr. Larry Hoffmann