Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Serious Heat!

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

Saturday 7/23 when I left with the group to begin RAGBRAI at Glenwood, I first went to my youngest brother’s home in Omaha to celebrate his 30th Wedding Anniversary. It was a nice home mass with our family and his wife’s family along with neighbors and their friends. Of course there was wonderful food. Then back to the tents in Glenwood before dark.

The next days were an interesting attempt by the sun to see if we all could be melted! I suspect there is less of us than before. The first two days were very hilly and by day’s end the heat was on. 6:00 am starts were not enough for me to finish before the noontime sun. We camped three nights and stayed in Catholic church buildings with AC four nights.

I don’t think there was a competition going with the parishes that welcomed us, but they certainly did a wonderful job. We managed to take part in their parish dinners as well - pasta of all sorts - all the corn on the cob you could eat - pies of every kind! We did not want for good food.

We did experience head winds every day of the ride. That was hard for me especially on the flat days when there was no relief from coasting down a hill. Of course there were lots of steep and long hills as well making you long for the flat land again. I am always amazed at how the human body can survive these conditions and keep coming back for more. God certainly created within us the ability physically and psychologically to keep going under adverse conditions.

Riding across Iowa makes you appreciate once again the beauty of our state. Visiting with the folks in the towns along the way renews how friendly and helpful the people of Iowa tend to be.

May the Lord bless all who rode and their many support people who set up each night. Thank you for your prayers these hot but fun days.

Mark your calendars for the beginning of Religious Education for St. Luke’s on 9/18/11 after mass at 10:20 am. If you have not registered yet, you can find the forms online or after mass where we enter. Tell your friends and neighbors who have not registered in St. Luke’s to do so with the online forms on our Website. Several Catechists, to have two in each classroom, are still needed. Listen for the after mass announcement about which class needs help.

Also mark your calendar for the November 6th Centennial Celebration and Diocesan Mass to be held at Hy-Vee Hall downtown Des Moines.

Remember you are always welcome at St. Luke’s!

Fr. Larry Hoffmann