Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Praying - Using Time to Love God in Return

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

St. Luke’s Parish is taking another step as a parish beginning to celebrate our Mass at the Auditorium at Northview beginning 9/18. We will begin our K-8 Religious Education classes right after mass as well. As of September 11, we had 79 students registered for our classes. That is a great beginning number. Again, thanks to all the Catechists and to Cindy Clefisch, who has worked so hard to get things ready. Our Adult Study of St. Luke’s Gospel begins Sunday as well.

This seems to be a time for funerals. I met with Helen Sargent’s family to plan and to celebrate her funeral this week. Thank you to OLIH for hosting the Friday afternoon funeral. Please keep her in your prayers. A good friend, Doreen Stokes from Christ the King, also died this week, and her funeral will be this Monday. Keep her family also in your prayers.

Wednesday evening, several St. Luke’s representatives and I went to a Diocesan Centennial meeting at the Catholic Pastoral Center. Plans for the Sunday, November 6, celebration at the Hy-Vee Hall were presented.

The morning program includes something for all the members of the family. Adults can hear Archbishop Harry Flynn give a Keynote address “Awakening to Christ” at 10:00 am. Also at 10:00 am, children age 3 - 5th grade can “Join the tribe at Nazareth” - to travel back to when Jesus was a kid at Nazareth. The Youth 6th-12th grade can be part of the Youth Rally featuring Steve Angrisano, noted musician, composer and youth minister. The Centennial Program and mass will begin at 2:00 pm. More information about registering will come later. It looks like a spirited way to celebrate the 100 years of our Diocesan Church.

On Thursday, September 8, the Faith Formation Committee met. All aspects of faith formation were touched, but the main focus was on the K-8 Religious Education classes that are to begin Sunday, 9/18.

This last Sunday, we had our first Stewardship of Prayer at our Mass. We recognize God has given us the gift of Time. We can be good stewards of that gift by giving back to God a tithe of time in prayer—10% of one day—144 minutes. My challenge was, and is, to tithe your gift of time for one day a week. The Stewardship of Prayer gives us a way to respond to our God’s gracious gift of time.

Later that day, our Stewardship Committee met for its monthly meeting. May we all grow as stewards, recognizing how generous God is to us. May we respond to the Lord by giving back to Him the first and best portion of what has been given to us.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann