Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

New Places, New Classes, New Faces

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

Can you believe we survived the move from Ashland Ridge to Northview Middle School?  Celebrating Mass in the Auditorium meant that I could look out at the congregation and see everyone. I suspect that you could look up at the altar and see what was going on, as well, without being blocked by the person in front of you.

Last Sunday, we also had our first Religious Education classes for St. Luke’s. We have over 85 students attending the K-8 classes. The Adult Faith Formation class studying the Gospel of Luke also met. The place was well used for our first time.

Thank you to all who helped move our things, including the Altar and Ambo, lockers, environment arrangements, music and sound systems and some new tables and chairs. We are hoping to be able to consolidate all that we need to move into a covered trailer that can be loaded and unloaded easily. Thanks again for all who are helping to make this transition.

I enjoyed visiting all of the Religious Education classes last Sunday. I hope to make visits in the days ahead on a regular basis.

Two weeks ago, we held a “Stewardship of Prayer” opportunity for everyone during Mass. It was a chance to commit oneself to different prayer opportunities. It is a way to give back to God a portion of His gift of time to us. I challenged you all to consider a tithe of one day-144 minutes-2 hours and 40 minutes-10% of a day. Consider doing that much prayer in a WEEK.

This week, we are holding a Stewardship of Faith. Faith is a gift given to us from our generous God. We can give back to God for His gift by participating in faith formation opportunities - by growing in the gift of faith that God has given to us. Join in marking the “Commitment Sheets” for our Stewardship of Faith. It is a challenge to grow in God’s gift of faith, but it is worth coming to a deeper sense of faith and a stronger relationship with our God.

The younger members of the family will have their own Stewardship of Faith Commitment cards to fill out. Each one, young, old and in between, are invited to grow in faith and give back to God for His generosity. 

Be generous in today’s second collection for Seminarians. May they be blessed as they study and discern God’s call in their lives.

May all of you be blessed as we begin this fall season.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann