Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

The Fall Rush is Upon Us!

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

Can you believe that we are into such beautiful almost fall weather? I dug out one of my sweaters for the early mornings when it is in the upper 40’s these days. I am not complaining!!

Since my last letter, I went to the Chamber of Commerce membership luncheon at the Ankeny Golf and Country Club on Aug. 24. It is great to meet folks from various businesses in the area.

On Aug. 25, I went to the quarterly St. Joseph’s Education Center Board meeting. Dr. Tom Neal is the director of the Center, and through that center many programs and events are facilitated for the parishes of the Des Moines Region. Several of those will start appearing in the pages of our bulletin. That evening, the Faith Formation Committee met at St. Anne’s. Adult Faith Formation offerings were reviewed. St. Luke’s participation in RCIA was discussed with the potential of four candidates from St. Luke’s. We will all have the opportunity to be the community of faith for our candidates.

On Saturday, Aug. 27, I met with a St. Luke’s couple to make final plans for their late September wedding. That evening, a good group enjoyed a Home Mass at Jim and Barb Bennett’s home. If you want to host a Mass at your home, just let me know.

Father Larry HoffmannSunday, Aug. 26, I was out riding my bike to the St. Luke’s property to be part of the St. Luke to OLIH ride/run/walk. It was a very nice morning to ride over there and then join about 150 others to make the 4 mile journey back to OLIH. After getting to OLIH by way of the bike trail, there was lots of time to get to Ashland Ridge for Mass before 9:00 am. Thanks to all who came to be part of the journey and fun.

On Monday, Aug. 29, I had fun at the Annual Bishop’s Catholic Charities Golf Classic at Echo Valley Golf Course. Good food and good fun. Consider playing next year. On Tuesday, Aug. 30, the Stewardship Committee met to make plans for the Stewardship of Prayer to be held this Sunday, Sept. 11. On Aug. 31, I met with the Ankeny Ministerial Association at St. Anne’s. That evening, the St. Luke’s Catechists met and received their lesson plan books and discussed the coming year beginning Sept. 18. Later that evening, the Organizing Committee met. Concerns about the upcoming move to Northview Middle School were discussed. The Questionnaire sent to all the folks in the area was also discussed. How to use the information in visioning and planning will be also talked about.

I celebrated Anna Mae Sullivan’s funeral on Sept. 1. The Liturgy Committee met that evening. On Sept. 2, I joined friends and family of Fern Ringgenberg for her Birthday party at Bishop Drumm. Fern is doing well.

After Mass on Sunday Sept. 4, I traveled to Panama to see my mother and other siblings for Sunday dinner. It was great to just relax with them and of course to play cards as we told stories and shared memories. Hope you did too.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann