Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Epiphany and On the Air Memories

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

The New Year blew in on Saturday, December 31, 2011 and kept on blowing into January 1, 2012 with its strong winds! We have been blessed by our compassionate God with November and December without the struggles of winter.

St. Luke’s Strategic Planning Team has completed its Charter Document - how they will operate as a team, and has now begun the work of gathering information to develop the Master Plan for St. Luke’s facilities. They met on December 29 and again January 5 considering “Elements” of what kind of campus we anticipate. We are requesting needs assessments and surveys from other parishes to put together ways to receive specific input from the parish. Visits to existing parishes are being planned to see what they have developed and what they did to do so.

This last Wednesday, the Organizing Committee met at St. Anne’s and continued its work of overseeing the works being done in St. Luke’s. Information packets have been sent out to people who have indicated interest in being part of our 1st Parish Pastoral Council. I ask those who have received them, to let me know of their interest so we can schedule a first gathering.

The Liturgy Committee met on Thursday, January 5, at St. Anne’s. Plans for our 1st Saturday evening Mass at 4:30 pm January 14 at St. Anne’s were discussed. Training sessions for new Liturgical Ministers and those presently serving were discussed and scheduled. It is good to review things since we began at Northview and to work with those desiring to begin helping with our liturgies.

This past week meant getting up before breakfast to open St. Anne’s church at 6:15 am and to let the KWKY 1150 AM radio people in to set up for our St. Luke’s parish radio spotlight. It was a great opportunity to tell folks over the radio waves about our parish and all that has been accomplished in this first year since we were established December 17, 2010. Thanks to Jenifer Mulcahy and Cindy Clefisch for helping get things organized so that parishioners could tell a bit about St. Luke’s on the radio spots each day. Thanks as well to those who helped record the St. Luke’s Rosary that was prayed each day at 9:30 am.

I am hoping that all of you will have a wonderful family experience at our 1st Epiphany Fair right after Mass. It is for all age groups. There will be something for everyone to take part in and do. Come and enjoy learning a lot about the Epiphany and how it is a big part of the celebration of the Christmas season in a huge part of the world. Do pick up a home kit to bless your home and to mark your door frame as a way of asking God to bless your home during the year 2012.

I am hoping that snow is falling in Steamboat Springs, Colorado as you read this letter. The ski areas have not been blessed with snow this year. I would be happy to keep it in the mountains and continue our very mild winter.

Christian Experience Weekends are coming up the last weekend in January for women and the third week in February for men at OLIH. I will be on the men’s team. Consider taking part in one of these weekends. It can be a wonderful growth moment for your faith.

Have a blessed New Year.

Fr. Larry Hoffman