Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Celebrating St. Luke the Evangelist - Our Patron

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

October is proving to have great fall variety. As I write this letter, we have just had a wonderful rain - some place locally more than one inch! Warm with a North wind really blowing - now that is almost a contradiction. October!

On Monday, October 8, I spent a couple of hours cleaning my car inside and out - windows, carpet, trunk and a good wash just before the Tuesday showers! It hasn’t rained for weeks - maybe I should have done this washing a long time ago. That evening, I was with the Knights of Columbus where four St. Luke’s members went through the 1st degree to become knights. St. Luke’s Knights will be forming their Council on Monday, October 15. More about that next week.

On Tuesday evening, the Recruitment and Welcoming Team had its monthly meeting at St. Anne’s. A Parish Member Bulletin Spotlight will begin in the bulletin with focus on newly registered members. They are developing a simple card with information about St. Luke’s for every parishioner to help us all visit with people about our parish. Each of us will know an individual or family that can be potential members. Our goal is to increase our membership by 25% this year and each of us can help meet that goal.

On Wednesday, I met with Darcie Tallman, School Marketing specialist for the diocese. Darcie helped look at our St. Luke’s School Survey that will go out this week. She also gave us a suggested outline of a Marketing Plan for our new school. That evening, the Strategic Planning Team met to discuss the Site Planning Workshop and the input that parishioners gave to the Architects. We talked about Bishop Pates’ advise about St. Luke’s School Pre K-8 and a designated worship space in our 1st phase.

Thursday was the St. Luke’s Parish Pastoral Council meeting at St. Anne’s. After our prayer, we studied a bit about the opening of the Second Vatican Council whose 50th anniversary was October 11 and the impact it has had on the church. Review of the progress of committees, teams and councils was held. The need to look at elements of direction for the parish was raised. All will look to our “Purpose Statement” and desired “Outcomes” as a council for the next meeting.

Friday I met with the marriage tribunal for the monthly meeting at the Chancery. Afterward, I was called to Polk City Care center to anoint one of the residents in Hospice care. Later that evening, I was delighted to join one of the St. Luke’s Supper Clubs for dinner at Chuck’s in Des Moines.

That leads us right up to the St. Luke the Evangelist Feast Day celebration on Saturday and Sunday. We also held our “Stewardship of Faith” commitment at these Masses. Thanks to all who helped prepare for our Liturgies, for the wine and cheese and special cake after our two Masses.

May we always be inspired by the word of God that comes to us through the hands of St. Luke the Evangelist. May the compassion of Jesus so well expressed by St. Luke, become our compassion as well.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann