Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Discovering the Mission of Jesus

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

Saturday, November 11, we reveled in the strong south wind bringing in the high 70’s to the great delight of all concerned. Of course that was followed by rain that turned rapidly to cold as I am writing this letter. It was 32 degrees - I almost thought I should look for snow! But that will be another week no doubt.

Last Monday, November 5, I spent the better part of a day with cousins in Missouri Valley, Iowa, and then came home in time for the Knights of Columbus memorial Mass and dinner at OLIH.

Tuesday, I enjoyed lunch at Talley’s in Beaverdale with the pastors from the parishes in the NW part of the Des Moines area. It is always a good time to share ideas and events that are happening in the parishes. It is a good way to support one another as well.

Wednesday, we had the Quarterly Des Moines Area Regional Priests’ meeting at 1:00 pm at St. Anthony’s. It is nice to be able just to attend. For several years, I was the one to convene the meetings. That evening, I enjoyed spending a few moments in several of the younger age Religious Education classes. We have marvelous and well attended classes. I commend our catechists and Cindy, our Faith Formation Director, for the work they do every week to share the faith.

Thursday, I enjoyed a birthday lunch at Jim and Pat Brady’s for her mother Jennie Ervine’s 91st celebration. That evening, the Parish Pastoral Council met for their monthly meeting. As part of our meeting, we reviewed the parish vision and mission statements, the Pastoral Council’s Charter and comments from the Diocesan Guidelines for Pastoral Councils to gain further insight into the work of the council. We saw that “the mission of Jesus Christ” fits into nearly all of these documents as direction and purpose for the council. We will study and reflect more on how the Pastoral Council is to lead the parish in setting about that mission of Jesus in all that we are doing.

On Friday, I enjoyed lunch at the Catholic Pastoral Center downtown hosted by the Catholic Tuition Organization board for the diocese. The board members and guests shared how helpful this tuition assistance is for families who struggle to afford tuition at our local Catholic Schools. That evening, I joined one of our parish supper clubs at Bandana’s. (I think that I had better watch out going to all these occasions to enjoy good food!)

Saturday, we celebrated the baptism of Willow Mary Grabau-Keele at the 4:30 pm Mass - welcome to another new parishioner! After Mass, I went to St. Theresa’s School for a 60th Anniversary of their founding. There were lots of good memories.

So far, we have over 350 St. Luke’s School Surveys returned. If you have not yet returned yours, please do so ASAP. Over 60 area families have indicated interest in sending their 115, 0-6 year olds to St. Luke’s School. I encourage any St. Luke’s families to get their interest established very soon.

Keep our Master Plan process in your prayers. Several of the Strategic Planning Team will use information from church tours to help refine our plans.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann