Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Gratefully Peeking into the King’s Glory

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

It seems very strange to be writing the bulletin letter for the weekend after Thanksgiving, a full week before Thanksgiving! Perhaps it will help me reflect more on my attitude of gratitude for how generous our God is to me.

Last Sunday, we focused on Stewardship of Treasure and invited our parishioners to fill out our Stewardship of Treasure sheet. We are called to grow in our understanding that we “need to give” and not just to “give to a need.” Because God is so good to us, the only appropriate response is to be good stewards of what has been given and to give back a portion to God. That certainly can be done in our support of St. Luke’s and it should also be done in charity for those in need outside the parish. I encourage you to give back to God first and then use well the rest God has given. May our hearts be filled with gratitude and generosity.

Our young people are so anxious to bring their gifts forward as we prepare the gifts. They too can fill out a commitment sheet as part of our Stewardship of Treasure. Children’s envelopes for next year will be available soon. Bishop Pates has invited our young people to consider supporting a Nigerian Seminary that he visited this fall that is in great need of assistance. We will be asking our young people if they are interested in having part of what they give go to this effort.

This Sunday is the Solemnity of Jesus Christ the King. It concludes our church year with a note of triumph at the coming of Jesus as King to rule over His Kingdom in glory. It is a great time for us to look back and to recognize the many moments that the Lord was present to you this year. May we all look forward to the day we will join all believers in the glory of the kingdom of Jesus Christ the King.

The Strategic Planning Team has had meetings with the Architects and our Master Plan is developing right along. The proposed overall plan will have the church as THE prominent and most visible element of the whole campus on top of the hill off Weigel Avenue as I mentioned before. The flow of the rest of the campus would go along the crest of the hill to the North East. The eventual Senior Housing would head South West from the Church. The parking would be down the hill North East from the buildings.

Hopefully you will be able to go to the website and hit the button “Construction Zone” to get a sense of the plan. More information will come later.

As I write this letter, some over 75 area families have indicated they have interest in 135 of their 0-6 year old children attending St. Luke’s school. It is exciting to get a sense of the interest from families about Catholic School education in Ankeny. It is not too late to turn in your survey if you find it in the stack of mail. Thank you to all the families who have let us know of their interest.

May you look forward to the coming Advent days to watch and wait for the coming of the Lord. May you find a peaceful heart as you do so.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann