Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Holy Spirit’s Flame and Church Birthday Cake Candles

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

June and June-like weather is upon us! As I write this letter, we are having two 90+ degree days and the humidity has found its way into our lives. Hopefully the rain will do so as well.

On Monday, May 21, our Strategic Planning Team met with the Diocesan Building Commission to give them an update on the progress of our work developing a Master Plan for St. Luke’s. A big thank you to Steve Doohen and his office for preparing a very good presentation booklet for that meeting. We were all amazed that we had worked on so many different dimensions of this process. We will use that booklet at our joint meeting with Strategic Planning Team, Parish Council and Finance Council on Wednesday, May 30. We hope to make the information available to the parish at large as well.

Bishop Pates was very encouraging at this meeting for us to go forward with our Master Planning process and to prepare for our 1st Phase of building. Lots of work to establish the overall Master Plan and what that 1st phase will be specifically needs to be done in the next few months. It is likely that we will focus on a multipurpose room suitable for Mass as well as classrooms for St. Luke’s School and offices and other amenities that will match our financial ability at the time of construction. More to come soon.

On Wednesday of last week, I enjoyed a very windy and warm golf outing at the Holy Family Golf Tournament. I even hit a few good shots! That evening, the Strategic Planning Team discussed our meeting with the Diocesan Building Commission. We took the next steps in finishing the documents to be used to select an architect to help with the Master Plan process and developing a schedule for this process.

On Thursday, the Des Moines Regional Priests had their regular quarterly meeting at St. Theresa’s Parish Hall. That evening I enjoyed Randy and Abbey Henderson help a nice group look at Apologetics - explaining and recommending the Catholic Faith. It was a nice look and beginning at how to answer questions people have about our faith.

Saturday evening, the Pentecost Mass at St. Anne’s was recorded and broadcast on KWKY 1150 AM Catholic Radio. St. Luke’s was in the parish spotlight all week. I hope you had a chance to listen in some time during the week. Thanks to all who were guests and shared their experience here at St. Luke’s.

Pentecost was a wonderful time for me to realize the importance of the Holy Spirit in our lives and to enjoy birthday cake for the birth of the Church. It is pretty easy to try to take steps in living our life of faith on our own. We find out very quickly that we are in need of that Holy Spirit for direction, for wisdom, for courage to live that faith. We can be confident that Jesus had breathed that Holy Spirit into each of our hearts and lives. That Holy Spirit is always there when we try to share how important our faith is to us.

As we breathe in and out, may we know with joy that the Holy Spirit is ever present and with us.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann