Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

The Holy Spirit in Hearts and Dreams

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

The past few days feel much more like late July than early June - the heat is on! Not the Miami Heat either. We pray that God will bless the earth in this part of the world with the gift of rain. May some of what the South East part of the country is receiving come our way.

Sunday evening through Thursday noon, I joined the priests of the diocese at our Annual Priests’ Retreat at Conception Abbey in Conception, Missouri. The Abbey just finished a new guest house. We were the first group that used it and it is wonderful. I think it will hold about 30 guests. We had more priests than that and so it was first come first serve. Those who registered early enjoyed the new facilities. The retreat master was Fr. Don Goergen, O.P. He had wonderful conferences about how the Holy Spirit is in our lives and ministry.

When I returned Thursday evening, I was back in time for the 5:30 pm Mass at St. Anne’s. Following that Mass, I attended the Catholic Charities Nite at the Cubs, getting there just in time before the food was taken away from the dinner with the Bishop. What a wonderful evening and ball game.

Friday after Mass, I went out to the future building site to meet with a group of architects who are interested in helping with our Master Plan for St. Luke’s. They wanted to see the lay of the land and had questions about what would be there one day. It is great to stand up on the top of the hill on St. Luke’s property and just imagine what one day will be there. Later that afternoon, I was part of a review of the interviews of a potential seminarian with good recommendations of the young man. That evening and the next morning, I met with two couples to plan their summertime weddings. It is great to work with couples who are going to be and might be part of St. Luke’s soon.

Saturday evening, I was asked to have the opening and closing prayer for an Eagle Scout Ceremony for two young men. It is an impressive ceremony and represents a lot of work on both parts to get to that level of leadership and work.

Sunday afternoon, the Stewardship Committee met for their regular meeting.

Keep the Strategic Planning Team in your prayers that the Holy Spirit will guide us in interviewing and selecting an architectural firm to help us with the Master Planning for St. Luke’s. We hope to be able have a firm on board in the next week. Their role will be to help us put together the Master Plan during the next several months. The Team will be reporting to the parish in the very near future. We hope to have some town hall meetings to present the progress so far. Be looking for more information about the master plan developments and your opportunity to give input.

Hopes and dreams about our parish facilities are beginning to advance. Stop by the property some time and walk up the hill. Look around and use your imagination about what will be there.

Keep July 1, 11:45 am, on your schedule for the Independence Celebration Walk and Picnic ending up at the State Capital.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann