Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Radio Spotlights, Future Dreams and Ordinations

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

We have been on the roller coaster of spring this last week with very hot and windy, cold, rainy and damp and now back to more normal spring sun. We thank God for the gift some say of up to 3/4 inch of rain. That will surely bless and help crops, gardens and flowers to leap ahead.

This last Monday, Memorial Day, KWKY 1150 AM Catholic Radio began its weeklong stoplight on St. Luke’s. That meant that I had the doors of St. Anne’s, where we were broadcasting from, open at 6:00 am. As my father would have said, “to do this you have to get up before breakfast!” All week long, we had St. Luke’s parishioners as guests on the radio at 7:45 am and 9—9:30 am. The morning Mass was broadcasted twice as well at 9:00 am. Thanks to all who took part in this week long spotlight. That same Monday morning, I concelebrated Mass with Fr. Steve at OLIH after which there was the blessing of the graves at the cemetery.

Tuesday late morning, I was part of the interview process with a potential seminarian. It is wonderful to see that young men are considering a life of service to the church as priests. That evening, I attended the farewell party for Dr. Tom Neal who has served as director of the St. Joseph’s Education Center during the past 4 years. This center is funded by the parishes of the Des Moines region. We thank Dr. Neal for his wonderful leadership and work as he has taken a new job in New Orleans.

On Wednesday, I joined the Ankeny Ministerial Association meeting at Mill Pond for lunch and a meeting. We heard about some of the future demographics for the Ankeny School district from Dr. Wendt. That evening, there was a joint meeting of the St. Luke’s Parish Council, the Strategic Planning Team and the Finance Council members. There was a sharing of the meeting with the Diocesan Building Commission and the Bishop the previous week. Our discussion that followed helped everyone to be updated on our efforts at Master Planning for our future facilities.

On Thursday, the KWKY spot light continued. On Friday, I joined the OLIH Regina Coeli Funeral choir for their annual breakfast at the Ankeny Diner. It was very good eating and sharing. That evening, I attended the ordination to the Transitional Diaconate of three of our Seminarians: Fabian Mocada, Ross Parker and Adam Westphal. It was a wonderful celebration of the Diocesan Church at Holy Trinity, Adam Westphal’s home parish.

As I complete this letter, I am anticipating going to the 50th Anniversary celebrations for Fr. Frank Palmer and Fr. John Acrea on Sunday. That evening, I will join many of the priests of the diocese on our Annual Diocesan Priests’ Retreat at Conception, Seminary in Conception, Missouri.

May the presence of the Lord Jesus in his most precious Body and Blood come to you today and always.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann