Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Sun, Golf; Sun, Birthdays; Sun, Sun...

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

As I recall last summer, we hardly had temperatures in the 90’s. I think we are making up for it this summer. Right after Mass at Ashland Ridge on July 15, the heat was just tremendous off the sidewalk with no breeze at all. God’s blessings are coming in a different fashion this summer.

The Parish Picnic was wonderful on July 8! Thanks to all who organized, worked at and participated in this community event. The food was great. So were the Bocce Ball and the water balloon throw. Another year, we may even get some UNI shade. (Photos)

On Monday, July 9, I had the chance to play in the Christ the King Golf Outing at Echo Valley. It was a good day and I even had a few good shots. Some day St. Luke’s may have our own Golf Outing.

Tuesday, I met with my Spiritual Director. I am so glad that I have been able to have someone to meet with regularly. The monthly meetings help hold me accountable to doing my part in the spiritual life. He can help me with his insights as well.

Thursday was a day to celebrate my birthday. I received nice cards, facebook greetings, some nice treats and a wonderful lunch at the Olive Garden courtesy of Jenifer and Cindy from the St. Luke’s office. Thanks to you all.

That evening, the St. Luke’s Parish Pastoral Council met for its monthly meeting. We discussed our part in the upcoming Ministry Fair August 18—19. Letters have been sent out to those interested in the Social Concerns Team and the Welcoming/Recruiting Team for St. Luke’s. Those interested will meet in the next few weeks. If any of you who have not been contacted are interested in either of these “Teams,” please let me know. We also heard a presentation of the proposed budget from the Finance Council. We heard an update from the Strategic Planning Team and their initial meeting with Neumann-Munson/BVH Architects. We are planning on an “In-House” pictorial directory for three weekends in September.

On Friday, I signed the updated copy of my Last Will and Testament. I can’t believe how long it has been since I did that. I encourage all of you to update your will or to get one made. It is tragic for families when death comes without one. Friday evening, I met with a couple making final plans for their September wedding. May they be blessed as they approach this beautiful sacrament.

Saturday I had a chance to watch the last part of the Summerfest Parade. Yes, it was hot already standing on the corner of School and 1st Street. Thanks to Greg and Dennelle Hogan for letting their truck be decorated with St. Luke’s banners and for the Madison family for handing out goodies along the way.

And then we are back to Sunday. Pray that the Lord will bless us soon with timely rain for the crops and gardens. May the Lord bless all families heading out for vacations with safe travel and a time away to be refreshed.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann