Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Green for Grass, for Dreams, for Growth

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

As I write this letter today, I look out my window, and the lawn has turned from shredded wheat brown and crispy to beautiful green! We have been blessed once again with just enough rain to get things growing again and wonderful moderation in the temperature. We give God praise.

Sunday, August 12, the Stewardship Committee met for its regular meeting and worked on the last minute details for the Ministry Fair for August 18-19. We also talked about our Stewardship of Prayer, Time and Treasure that will come in the months of the Fall. Decisions were made about what the “Tithe of the Tithe” would cover for the month, including “Meals from the Heartland.” That evening, the Serra Club held a dinner, art auction and time of song and praise with Bob Dufford and Roc O’Conner, two of the St. Luis Jesuits who wrote so much of the music used in churches. I made a Stained Glass Celtic Cross for the auction that turned out pretty well.

On Monday, I joined many of the priests of the diocese and our seminarians for Mass with Bishop Pates at St. Ambrose Cathedral. Afterwards, we had a chance to meet them and to know where they were going to school. It is great that we have 18 young men now beginning the school year in the various years of the seminary. With joy, there is a growing interest in young women considering becoming sisters. Keep all our young people in prayer as they discern their call from the Lord.

On Wednesday, we celebrated the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary on the Holy day. It was good to reflect on how we believe Mary was taken into heaven, body and soul right after she died. She now knows the fullness of the gift of glory from her Son Jesus, the glory that we long for one day.

On Thursday, Jenifer and I went to the LMC office for a diocesan workshop to cover Parish Insurance, Employee Benefits and parish facilities safety. It is good to have a feel for what these are for our future. That evening, the Finance Council met for its regular meeting. We confirmed the year end summary report that Brian Mulcahy will give this weekend. The yearend diocesan finance questionnaire was also reviewed.

Saturday morning, I joined with some parishioners from St. Luke’s and OLIH to look at the book Living Our Strengths. We reviewed the results of an inventory that came with the book. It led us to focus on building on our strengths rather than spending so much time trying to correct our weaknesses. It looks great and I suggest using this approach in Stewardship to look at each one’s talents.

Saturday evening and Sunday morning after Mass we had our Ministry Fair. The ministries, committees, teams and councils had tables with information and opportunities to volunteer. Check with Jenifer at the office if you would like to sign up for any of these ministries.

As I write this letter, we have nearly 80 signed up to come to the Facilities Planning Workshop. I thank you for your interest and willingness to share your dreams. May the Holy Spirit guide us always.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann