Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Exploring Steps to Dreams

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

We have been greatly blessed by gentle February rains! With this warm weather over the weekend and the rain, lots of piles of snow have disappeared. We can only wonder how difficult it is in the North East part of our country. May they be protected in this time of struggle.

This last Monday morning, I had an opportunity to meet with Bishop Pates, Jason Kurth and Darcie Tallman, Catholic Schools Marketing specialist. I was able to give a summary of our St. Luke’s School survey from this last Fall. Approximately 98 area families have indicated they are interested in having their 157 children who are presently between ages 0 and 6 attend St. Luke’s School. Darcie Tallman will be meeting with a St. Luke’s School Committee to begin developing a Marketing plan with us. Thank you to all who have indicated interest in helping.

That afternoon, I was privileged to host a number of Shelby County priests for our card playing gathering. We played Contract Rummy, went to dinner and then came back for more evening games. It is a delight to experience our German Catholic cultural heritage!

On Tuesday, I began contacting Capital Campaign consulting companies to help us with St. Luke’s Capital Campaign this coming spring. A committee of representatives from Parish Council and Finance Council will be interviewing several companies who are interested in the next few days.

I enjoyed some of the Mardi Gras theme events with the Religious Education classes on Wednesday evening. It is a great way to learn some of our Catholic heritage and to prepare for the coming of Lent.

Thursday afternoon, along with several of our Finance Council members, we talked to Tom Friedman from 1st National Bank, our parish bank. We explored what developing a plan for the finances involved in the 1st Phase of St. Luke’s facilities. We gained lots of good information about what banks are looking for in such a plan and the steps that we would need to take.

Thursday evening, the Liturgy Committee met at St. Anne’s and the Strategic Planning Team met as well. They met with the Architects who presented an updated look at our Master Plan that incorporated the work that had been done with Mid-American and Weidts, Inc. who are working with the architects exploring the best ways to conserve energy. We will be meeting again on February 20.

Friday early morning, Brian Mulcahy and I met with the Catholic Foundation for Southwest Iowa investment committee. We talked about setting up a way for St. Luke’s to accept matching funds for education purposes. We also explored the possible ways that St. Luke’s could become one of the investments for that Foundation and they could help us with financing for our new facilities. We will learn more later.

Friday evening, I joined the team putting on the Christian Experience Weekend at OLIH. Several St. Luke’s members made the retreat and helped put that retreat together for the weekend. It was a wonderful experience. I had the privilege to give the talk on the sacraments. If you have not been on one of these retreats, you should consider doing so.

Be blessed as we continue these Lenten days.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann