Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Filled with Joy at Easter, in St. Luke’s Dreams

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

Welcome to our Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday celebrations at St. Luke the Evangelist. We are glad that you parishioners, family, friends and neighbors have come to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus with us. It is a great time of joy to know that Jesus has risen from the tomb and has promised to share his resurrection life with us.

We have prepared for this celebration of Easter joy during this past Holy Week. We saw how Jesus gathered his disciples and celebrated the Last Supper with them on Thursday. There he gave them the example of service to others as he washed their feet. Then, during the Passover feast, he took bread and wine and said this is my body, this is my blood. Jesus told us to “do this in memory of me” and we did knowing that the bread and wine were now his body and blood.

On Good Friday, we recalled the Passion of Jesus and how he suffered and died on the cross for us. We took time to venerate the cross at our service and then share communion consecrated the day before.

At the Easter Vigil, we listened to the reading of the word of God. Selections from Genesis told us of the creation of the world, the account of the Exodus and the 1st Passover, Isaiah shared the promises of God for those who listen to him and follow him. Of course the gospel led us in rejoicing at the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

At both Vigil and Easter Masses, we renewed our Baptismal promises. We had the chance to choose once again to open our hearts and souls to the life of God that comes to us in Baptism. 

With our celebration of the Resurrection, I encourage you to extend your celebration as you gather family and friends these special days. Share the joy of the risen Lord with them.

Hopefully, you took time to take a look at the current Master Plan and 1st Phase designs from the Architects that are displayed in the entryway. Talk to some who were at the Town Hall meeting on March 10 for the presentation of the plans. Join us in getting excited about what is happening with our plans.

And speaking of plans, St. Luke’s Catholic PK-8 School is in the midst of them. Our timeline calls for the opening of St. Luke’s PK-3rd grade in August of 2015! Yes, a lot has to be done before that, but support of parish, friends and family of parishioners, generous folks who want to see Catholic School Education in Ankeny, will come together to make it happen. Keep our school and its development in your prayers.

For now, enjoy your family gatherings to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Know the gift of his peace within your hearts.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann