Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Campaign Steps for the Future

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

And today it is warm! I look out my window and almost can see the grass growing. April and the cold and damp are not giving up easily. Yet the soaking rain is just what the earth needs. God continues to bless us.

On Monday I visited my dentist for my twice a year check up. I love it when they don’t have anything to do. That evening, the Knights of Columbus had their monthly meeting.

Wednesday meant that I attended the area Catholic Pastors meeting with a nice lunch at Talley’s in Beaverdale. That evening, the Strategic Planning Team met at the new St. Luke’s Rectory. We authorized the surveying of our property so that the Architects could get ready with the zoning meeting with the city of Ankeny. Also authorized was the soil testing needed for Phase 1 planning. We will be sending out RFP’s to contractors to begin looking at who will work with us and our architects. Suddenly, all kinds of things are in motion.

Thursday evening, the Capital Campaign Cabinet, the co-chair couples, the committee heads and pastor met. Vice Chairpersons received their training and then had the opportunity to review names they will consider to be their helpers. The processes of the campaign are beginning to develop rapidly. If you are contacted to help out, please be open to volunteer. Being a small parish, the work will not take long if a good number agree to help out.

Friday, we celebrated the Mass of the Resurrection at St. Anne’s for Betty Stemler, mother of Denny Stemler from St. Luke’s. May she rest in peace and may her children and family be consoled.

Saturday and Sunday saw us celebrating the ongoing Easter Season. We also focused on the World Day of Prayer for Vocations as well as the official Announcement of our Capital Campaign. I would ask you to take a good look at the “Campaign Messenger” that comes with the bulletin. It is a great way to know what is happening with our campaign.

As the founding members of St. Luke’s, we have the privilege and the challenge to work hard to make our 1st Phase a success. It will require extra generosity in our prayer, our time volunteering and in our finances. At this point in our history, we are small in number. Yet, we can take these extra steps in generosity, invite people we know to consider helping us and together we can building the plan the Lord has for us.

I really ask you to make this a time of prayer for St. Luke’s and our campaign. Take one of the Parish Prayer cards and use it every day. Come to Mass during the week if you can. Stop for awhile at Adoration from 6-7:00 pm on Thursday evening. We will try to keep the meeting noise down in the parish hall. Ultimately, it is God’s work that we are doing. May we open our hearts in prayer to discover how we are to find His will for St. Luke’s.

Today is our Annual Diocesan Appeal. If you have not yet filled out an appeal card, please do so. All that we pledge and pay will come back to St. Luke’s for our building fund. Please be generous. It is amazing that God will not be outdone in generosity.

Remember, we are having our Kick-Off Mass and Celebration on Sunday, May 5 at 9:00 am with the program following. I am inviting the entire parish to come next Sunday. If you cannot come on Sunday, there will be a Saturday evening Mass on May 4 at 4:30 pm.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann