Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Sun, Study and Steps

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

As I write this letter, I think we are actually going to get a few nice days in April after all. To walk around in shirt sleeves is wonderful. Hopefully, I will be on the bike later today. God’s blessings are unfolding right before our eyes.

Last Monday, the cold and damp April was very much at hand. I went to the St. Francis Rectory in Council Bluffs for cards and dinner with the Shelby County priests. I did not manage to win a single game! Better luck next time.

Tuesday evening, the Social Concerns Team met and I did not have it down in my book. I was getting a few things arranged in the St. Luke’s Rectory. I am glad that they went ahead anyway. A nice number of letters were written this weekend to encourage USA programs that help those who are hungry.

Wednesday, Fr. Steve and I were part of the monthly meeting of our Tribunal panel to help process marriage cases. That evening, I listened to the RE classes as they learned the Capital Campaign song and learned a cheer for the May 5th Kick Off celebration. They really learned it well and seemed to enjoy their part of the program for the celebration.

Thursday evening I enjoyed the Ankeny Service Center’s “Crusin’ for Cash” at Dennis Albaugh’s home and office and Chevy Car museum. The food from Jethro’s was excellent - nice auction gifts and an enjoyable visit to the car museum. It was a good way to help support the Ankeny Service Center.

Friday after the morning Mass, the priests of the diocese gathered at All Saints in Stuart for their Spring Study Day. Four priests from the range of age groups, presented comments about their experience of ministry since their ordination. Then our presenter led us in dialogues that had us mix up ages and visit one on one and with small groups. It was very interesting to help each other realize the historical events that different ages did not have happen in their lifetimes. It gives those of us with 40 plus years of ordination pause to reflect what differences like these make in priests’ lives.

Saturday and Sunday, we recognized and blessed our catechists and helpers for the current year. SCRIP committee members encouraged everyone to take part in this easy way to financially help St. Luke’s without cost to the individual family. We also had our 1st weekend to encourage Annual Diocesan Appeal gifts. The diocese will send back all of our gifts for our Building fund again this year. Please be generous.  

After the OLIH Masses last weekend, we offered refreshments, cookies and donuts as a way of thanking that parish for all the support and encouragement they have given to us. With their real and valuable help, St. Luke’s has been able to begin our growth and life as a faith community and parish. We continue to thank them as no doubt we will seek their help in our growth as a parish.

Keep St. Luke’s in your prayers as we proceed with our Capital Campaign. We are taking steps into our future. May the Lord be with us and may we discover and follow his way for us.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann