Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

New Life in Easter and in Four Baptisms!

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

The joy of the Easter season is very much upon us these special days. Last week’s daily readings had a series of stories about the appearances of the risen Lord Jesus. The disciples were all amazed and filled with joy when they experienced the risen Lord Jesus. They did not know what to expect until they began to reflect on all Jesus had said and what had happened. May we reflect as well about the meaning of the resurrection of the Lord in our lives.

Easter Sunday and Monday I was with my mother and family back in Panama, Iowa. It was great to gather for dinner and to visit with a good number of our family. There was even time for a couple of “Play Nine” and “Quiddler” games with my mother. She is good at her games!

Later that Wednesday evening, the Synchronization Committee met to continue the progress of Parish Council, Finance Council and Strategic Planning Team dimensions of our Master Plan and 1st Phase plans. We discussed the Capital Campaign communication work that can be also used for making sure that parishioners know about the plans for St. Luke’s. We also discussed the need to continue contacts with banking institutions to assure the development of a plan for us.

Tuesday evening, the Capital Campaign Cabinet met for the first time. After some good pizza, the co-chair couples were introduced: Bruce and Debbie Mehlhop, Paul and Eva Moritz and Tom and Jennifer Joensen. The Campaign committee chairpersons were also introduced: Prayer– Susan Ellsworth; Communications - Katie Funseth; Youth and Children - Tonya and Shawn Althaus; Hospitality - John and Jean McPherson; Creative Giving - Kathy and Dick Johnson. We are off to a great start. Be open to a contact from them with ways you can help with this effort for St. Luke’s.

Thursday morning, I had a chance to help with the KWKY Iowa Catholic Radio Care-a-thon. It is great to have a chance to talk a little about St. Luke’s on the air. My brother Tom and I joined a friend for Lunch at the Dublin Day in Ames - nice Irish food! My friend has helped me with taxes for many years. Of course, we don’t want to give the IRS money before the day it is due!

Friday after Mass, I had my annual physical. The doctor says I am in pretty good health! That evening, we had the wedding rehearsal for Kayla Carlson and Steve Crann, with their wedding on Saturday afternoon at OLIH. Wonderful wedding and nice family and friends joined in the celebration.

Saturday evening we celebrated the baptism of Margaret Carol Sayre, daughter of Sean and Anne Marie Sayre. On Sunday we celebrated the baptisms of Katherine Claire Pierce, daughter of Casey and Margery, Callan Michael Gogerty, son of David and Jessica and Ridge Burns Huseman, son of Sean and Clair. What a great time being able to bring four new members into the St. Luke’s faith community!

May the spring rains come down on our waiting earth. May the new life waiting in our seeds feel the warmth of the sun preparing the ground for their burst of growth.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann