Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Snow and Campaigns, Mothers’ Blessings

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

And we thought that spring had finally come last week with the 80 degree weather! Well, 7-8 inches of snow over two days, everything covered with wet heavy white, made us all wonder. But now as I write the letter today, the snow is gone - temperature is going up again - the flowers and trees may have a chance after all. Iowa - isn’t it wonderful?

On Monday evening, I enjoyed being with one of the St. Luke’s Supper Clubs at Chip’s - nice food. Tuesday afternoon, the St. Joseph Education Center Board that I am a member of had its quarterly meeting. I highly recommend that you check out their website - sjeciowa.org - the efforts they make with social media are great. Check out some of their links.

Wednesday, I met with Sr. Susan to arrange some of our RCIA celebrations for the summer and fall. We have four from St. Luke’s who have entered the process. That evening, the RE classes met for the final time this academic year. I enjoyed the lower grades practicing their Capital Campaign song and cheer for the Sunday program. Good job students!

Thursday morning, I had another opportunity to be on Iowa Catholic Radio at 7:48 am. It is always good to say a few words about the progress of St. Luke’s and how we are taking the next step with our Capital Campaign. That evening, the Capital Campaign Advance Gifts volunteers received their orientation and training. Afterward, the committee heads and leaders met to plan the steps for the Kick-Off dinner and Program after Mass on Sunday, May 5.

On Friday, I went with Cindy Clefisch to get the food and supplies for our Catechists’ appreciation party to be held the evening of Sunday, May 5. The Iowa chops and sirloin will make a good option for those being appreciated.

Saturday was a full day after Reconciliation, preparing for the baptism of Owen Jason Steinkamp at the 4:30 pm Mass. He never even opened his eyes when he was baptized - nice warm water. After the Mass, I hurried down to the Courtyard at the Marriott for our Capital Campaign Preview Dinner.

It was a wonderful time for our volunteers and parishioners to visit, get to know each other, share a wonderful meal and get the Capital Campaign message and DVD in advance. After we figured out how to turn up the PA system, we could even hear the speakers. The next door party with its steady beat through big sub woofers made for interesting background music.

I was very pleased with the large number who came for the 9:00 am Sunday Mass followed by the Capital Campaign Program. We had a chance to have the campaign co-chairs speak, watch the DVD about our campaign presented and hear the RE students sing their song and do their cheer. It was a great morning and a wonderful Kick-Off to our Campaign. All of us are encouraged to pray about, think about and to let God and the Holy Spirit guide us in how we are to financially support this very important moment in St. Luke’s parish history.

Let the wonders of growth and life this belated spring be a sign of God who always gives the growth, even to St. Luke the Evangelist Parish.

May all of our Mother’s who shared the gift of life with us be blessed today and always.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann