Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Picnics and Pilgrimages

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

I just came back from our 3rd Annual St. Luke’s Parish Picnic. It was wonderful! Some of those planning our picnic were rightly concerned about thundershowers. They came into the area at 10:30 am and showered until about 11:15 am and then stopped. It was just enough time to get the charcoal going and to set up the shade tents for the tables and chairs. The weather was nice, cool with a good breeze. Thank you Lord!

On Monday, July 15, I went to a belated birthday dinner and then came back to celebrate Mass for the Installation of the Fr. Richard Gubbels Knights of Columbus at St. Luke’s. It is great to have such an active council willing to help when parish events are at hand.

Tuesday evening, I attended the Recruitment and Welcome Team meeting at 7:00 pm. We were focusing our attention on newcomers. We will be having a welcoming wine and cheese evening after the Saturday Mass soon. I encourage anyone present that evening to take a few minutes to meet those newly registered in the parish.

On Wednesday morning I met with our architect to review the needed steps to work with the City of Ankeny on the zoning we need to have for Senior Housing at our St. Luke’s site. That is about a three month process and we have started those needed steps.

That late afternoon, I met with several priests from Shelby County in Greenfield to enjoy a summer vegetable meal and to play cards - we like 10 Point Pitch. I didn’t get close to winning! That same evening, the Pilgrimage Committee met to put together more steps for our Wednesday, September 4-8th St. Luke’s Days of Pilgrimage. Part of our concluding day will be to have Bishop Pates with us to celebrate the 9:00 am Mass at Ashland Ridge. Immediately after, all will be invited to process from Watercrest Park to our St. Luke’s Site to a ground breaking ceremony and the closing of our pilgrimage days with the bishop. More about this later.

On Thursday, I went to the blood drive at OLIH and they were able to draw a pint from me. Sometimes they cannot find a vein that will cooperate. That evening we held the St. Luke’s Finance Council meeting. We reviewed the year end initial report for the fiscal year. We also began reviewing items from the anticipated next fiscal year budget. The progress of the Capital Campaign and our Building Fund investments were reviewed. Work to put together a “Request for Proposal” to area banks for borrowing for construction will begin in the next days. 

Late Friday afternoon, I welcomed Fr. Savino, who came to speak of his work in the parishes of his diocese in Ghana, Africa. Fr. Savino spoke at our Masses on July 20-21.

On Sunday, July 21, as well as hearing Fr. Savino’s message, we celebrated the baptism of Miles Alan DeMaris. He was such a contented baby that he did not even open his eyes when the water was poured. Following the Mass, a very good number of St. Luke’s parishioners gathered at North Creek Park for our 3rd Annual Parish Picnic.

We had great food and lots of it. The rain came before but let up just in time. Kids old and young enjoyed the water game. Team # 1 “The Dragons” had a couple of distracted young men who were doing things with water other that what the game called for - so we did not win but we tried hard!

As our summer vacation days continue, may all of you be blessed with days of recreation and relaxation. May you be renewed and energized for the coming seasons of your life and the life of the parish.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann