Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

The Heat of the Day - Work - Pilgrimage

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

I looked at the weather map on the computer and it showed the rain showers going north and east but nowhere near Ankeny with little but heat to be expected all week. The dry hot that we did not know at the Iowa State Fair is now with us.

Monday evening, August 19, the Knights of Columbus had their monthly meeting. Grand Knight Jamie McNaughton conducted his first meeting with good fellowship following.

Wednesday, I was invited back to St. Theresa’s for their annual Hog Roast that happens on the 1st day of School. It is a parish wide gathering for all ages with a friendly North-South competition with various games before the pork and pot luck dinner. It was very well attended.

On Thursday, I met with the leadership of the Men’s CEW for this coming February for breakfast. We shared some of the initial plans for that weekend. Later that morning, Brian Mulcahy, Finance Council chairperson, and I met with Tony Garcia from our Contractors, The Hanson Company, to discuss the Pre-Construction contract. The Social Concerns Team met that evening after Adoration. Projects that touch those in need were discussed. Gifts to charitable groups outside the parish from the Tithe of the Tithe were allocated.

On Friday, I worked on my weekend Homily and on the RCIA class on the Eucharist for Monday, August 26. It was wonderful to be home by 5:00 pm and fix a fresh tomato, pepper, cucumber and onion salad. It is great to be able to eat “real” tomatoes!

Saturday after 9:00 am Reconciliation, I concelebrated with Fr. Steve the funeral for Diane Boyle at OLIH. She struggled with cancer and peacefully met the Lord at Hospice at age 61. May she rest in peace.

On Saturday and Sunday, St. Luke’s hosted informational meetings for St. Luke’s Catholic School after the Masses at OLIH. Plans are for St. Luke’s Catholic School to open in August of 2015 - less than two years from now! May the Lord bless all families considering sending their children to our school.

Our Pilgrimage days are at hand. We will be having things Wednesday, September 4 - Sunday, September 8th with the conclusion of the Pilgrimage and Ground Breaking ceremony with Bishop Pates after our 9:00 am Mass on September 8. It will be a great milestone day for St. Luke’s and the Ankeny community. All are welcome to join us in the procession from Watercrest Park or at the Site.

God has given each one of us gifts and abilities that we can use to provide a living for ourselves and our families. On this Labor Day weekend, let us thank God for the opportunities we have to use what God has given to “work” and hopefully to find fulfillment in the accomplishments of our efforts. May the Holy Spirit guide those unemployed to find fruitful work. 

Fr. Larry Hoffmann