Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

God’s Will and the Holy Spirit

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

I have been amazed at how close to Ankeny that the rain can come and then manage to go south or north without staying long enough to fall on us in any significant way. May the good Lord bless us with His gift of rain!

On Monday, July 29, I took note of the following attributed to God: “Upon all who do my will, I shall pour out my spirit.” I was thinking that for most of us, we spend a good deal of time doing the will of God. Parents are making real efforts to be responsible parents. Priests, deacons and sisters are trying to follow what God wants in their ministries. Single people are trying to live in ways that show their care and compassion for those in need. If there are those moments when we are making our efforts to do the will of God in our lives, then it would seem that we can also expect the blessing of God’s Holy Spirit to touch our lives and efforts. When we are about doing God’s will, the Holy Spirit is there to help us. That’s a consoling thought.

Tuesday evening, I joined the St. Luke’s Supper Club for a fine evening at the Wig and Pen. Wednesday morning after the daily Mass, I met with Norm Bormann who works for the diocese on Building Commission items. I reviewed with him the report for diocesan lawyers concerning our contract with the 1st Phase Contractor. We will be meeting with The Hansen Company, Inc. to complete this contract process soon.

Later that morning, I met again with the 1st Phase team of architect and contractor representatives to discuss the progress of our facility planning. We are very close to finalizing the input for the square footages for Phase I. Input from the Knights of Columbus and other parishioners was given at that meeting.

That Wednesday evening, at the Strategic Planning Team meeting, the architects had incorporated most all of that information in a revised footprint. The rezoning process was updated and was submitted to the city on August 5.

Thursday afternoon, I attended the quarterly Des Moines Regional Priests meeting at St. Anthony’s. I had an opportunity at that meeting to give an update on the progress of St. Luke’s. The other area parishes commented on their progress with their efforts in the diocesan capital campaign.

That evening, the St. Luke’s Liturgy Committee met for its monthly meeting. Bruce Mehlhop from the Parish Council gave us an update from the Pilgrimage Committee. Plans are pretty well in hand. Details will come into play as we draw closer to the September 4-8 Pilgrimage days. We will be welcoming Bishop Pates to celebrate 9:00 am Mass on September 8 and then conclude the Pilgrimage days with a ground breaking ceremony at the 1st Phase building site. Look for more updates.

Friday was a catch up day for me. I had a chance to visit Fr. Bob Hoefler who is now at Mercy Hospice in Johnston. Keep him in your prayers. Saturday morning, I enjoyed being part of the St. Luke’s Baptism preparation class for two of our families. What a delight to be able to look at what baptism means and how it brings not only the child but the whole family into the community of the parish. Keep all our new parents in your prayers as they establish their domestic church in their homes.

Sunday, August 4, I had the privilege of baptizing Jack Louis Dopheide at the 9:00 am Mass. Welcome Jack and his parents, Justin and Sara.

May the blessing of the Lord come to all families these last few days before school begins. May mothers find peace in their homes as some of their children enjoy the 1st days of school. May all State Fair goers find plenty of good things on “sticks!”

Fr. Larry Hoffmann