Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Principals, Parties and Plans

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

It must be winter in Iowa! Today is a great day - with 40+ degree weather - snow melting and promises of more snow tomorrow. Just wait a few minutes and it will change again.

I enjoyed the Epiphany Fair last Sunday and the Catechists’ Silly Supper afterwards. A “Silly Supper?” You choose menu and dinnerware from a hard to decipher list for the four course meal. Each course was served as ordered. It was possible to get butter, sour cream, a spoon and a toothpick as your course! It was fun. Thanks to all who helped prepare and serve the meal.

Monday, January 13, the St. Luke’s School Board met again to finish the posting for our 1st St. Luke’s Catholic School principal. Postings will be sent out to several papers and on line links until February 17. Then interviews will be held. More later about their progress.

Tuesday, the first class of “Epic” - a 20 session on Church History began at 9:00am at St. Anne’s. Come if you have time to join us. That same day, I traveled with Cindy Clefisch to St. Francis for the fourth Diocesan Confirmation meeting. It is good to hear about the progress other parishes are making to prepare our students by 10th grade for Confirmation.

Wednesday morning, my brother Tom and I attended the architect/contractor meeting at Neumann-Monson downtown. My brother had all kinds of questions about details he had discovered in reviewing the documents. It is great to have someone like him searching the fine print. Then we enjoyed a late lunch. He headed back to Texas on January 20.

Thursday morning, I had a chance to look at the security system at Ankeny High School. We will be selecting a system for St. Luke’s and it is good to view one in operation. I enjoyed the regular Catholic pastors’ lunch in Beaverdale that noon. It is good to keep in touch with what is happening in other parishes. That evening, the Finance Council met right after the blizzard to review the regular finances and to take another step in coming to a decision about which financial institution to use for our construction and Phase I loan. We are getting closer.

On Friday, I had the joy of visiting two of our newborn girls in the hospital. We look forward to their baptisms in the near future. What a joy it is to have a growing chorus of young children in car carriers!

On Saturday evening, I was one of the judges for the Fourth Annual Trivia Night at OLIH for their Little Learners program. It was a full house evening with 34 full tables making great efforts to master the trivia questions. As judges, there was no “fudging” but I was amazed how many scored so well on such a wide range of questions. St. Luke’s parishioner tables and individuals did well. Congratulations!

Sunday morning, the Knights of Columbus held a 1st degree ceremony for two of our men to become part of the KC’s. If you would like to become a Knight, just let me or Jamie McNaughton know and it can be arranged.

This coming Friday, January 31, several friends and I will be heading for Steamboat Springs, Colorado for skiing until February 6. Keep us in your prayers for safe travel and no ski accidents. I truly enjoy this winter break.

Just another comforting thought: two months from last Tuesday is the 1st day of Spring! May all of you be blessed until then.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann