Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Can We Get Used to Snow and Cold?

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

It is Sunday morning, November 16, when I am writing this letter. We have about 1 1/2 to 2 inches of snow and it is cold. The prediction is that the cold will stay and so will the snow. It is too early for this sort of thing!

Last Monday, November 10, I joined representatives from several of our committees to look at the Social Media, Website and email that we use. We met to try to coordinate our efforts and to begin to develop media for St. Luke’s School use that will fit with what we are doing in the parish.

Tuesday evening, the Recruitment and Welcome Team met for their regular meeting. Final plans were made for the Newcomers Welcome that was to take place the coming Saturday evening. The schedule for the year was reviewed. Efforts to invite additional members was discussed. Later that evening, the 1st St. Luke the Evangelist Home and School meeting was held. A nice group of parents met to hear about what our Home and School would look like and what their committees and activities could be.

On Wednesday I visited a new baby and her mother in the hospital. Later that afternoon, I met with Sharon Mohler’s family, from Polk City, to plan her funeral for the following day. Keep her husband, Ed, and her son, Mark, in your prayers. The funeral was held on Thursday afternoon.

Thursday evening, the Parish Pastoral Council met after the 6:00 pm Adoration time. We welcomed Matt Halbach from the St. Joseph’s Educational Center. He reviewed with us what the Diocesan Faith Formation Assessment tool could do for us as a parish. We also discussed the Called and Gifted workshop and how that could coordinate with this assessment tool. Following his presentation and our discussion, we reviewed the activities of the parish teams and committees.

Friday I met for the monthly Marriage Tribunal at the Catholic Pastoral Center. If there are any individuals who would like to work on their annulments so that they can get their marriages validated in the Church, please call me. I work a lot with cases for annulments.

Saturday evening after Mass, we enjoyed the Newcomers Welcome. A good number of families who are recently registered at St. Luke’s came for the nice appetizers. It was a nice time to meet some of the family members and to have the Recruitment and Welcome Team meet with them. It is good to have you all with us at St. Luke’s.

Sunday after the snow, I had the opening prayer for the AMOS, A Mid-Iowa Organizing Strategy, class at OLIH. Its purpose is to help people find ways to bring about justice in our local situations. It is a great ecumenical effort to work together to change things for the better that individuals cannot accomplish.

Later that afternoon, I made my way up to St. John Vianney Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota. We have a good number of Seminarians studying there. It is good to visit before Thanksgiving and Christmas.

As I drove by our construction site, it was good to see that the roof panels are in place over our worship space. The sheeting for the east side of the building is almost finished as well. Lots of interior uprights are now in place. The gas line was installed last week. Now if we can get the electricity hooked up, we will be in a pretty good place. Right now, power is supplied by an auxiliary generator.

Keep all our construction workers in your prayers as they work in the cold. May they be safe.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann