Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Babies, Buildings, Budgets and a Big Creek Bash

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

This was a wonderful weekend to welcome new baptized members to St. Luke’s. Saturday evening, February 15, Sophia Rose Iaria and Nora Christine Bloyer were baptized and Sunday morning, February 16, Tayalynn McKendrick Richards also was baptized. At those same Masses, I also saw several new babies who will be baptized in the next few weeks. New life is all around us and we welcome them to our Catholic Faith in baptism.

Monday evening, February 10, the St. Luke’s Catholic School Board met and elected Marie Ott as president and Kayla Crann as vice president. We began setting up the process to interview selected applicants for principal. Keep us in your prayers.

Tuesday afternoon, I was part of a team that interviewed another young man interested in the seminary. It is great to be touched by their openness to the Holy Spirit as they discern God’s call in their lives. That evening, the Recruitment and Welcome Team had its regular meeting. Mark your calendars for our Parish picnic on Sunday, June 22, at one of the Big Creek shelters. Saturday evening, April 5th, we will have our next Newcomer Welcome celebration. Plans are being made to have periodic pictures of St. Luke’s construction taken and used in the best ways possible. It will be happening very soon!

Wednesday, I attended the quarterly St. Joseph’s Education Center Board meeting. Check out the SJEC website. There are lots of ongoing helpful study and reflection links for us all. That evening, I visited with the 5th grade RE to talk about my own journey through my call to priesthood. It is great to be able to share how God calls us each uniquely to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

Later that evening, the Building Committee met at the Rectory along with subcommittee members. We took a better look at the budgets involved for the Furnishings, Furniture and Equipment needed for our facilities.

Thursday afternoon, I attended a meeting with the Architect and the Contractor for the opening of the bids for the Structural Steel and the pre-cast cement. Both came in on projected budget and a draft of the “Letter of Intent” to authorize these was presented. That evening the Parish Pastoral Council met and elected new officers for the coming year: Paul Moritz, chairperson, Steve Wieneke vice-chairperson and Tracy Deutmeyer as secretary.

On the weekend, the joy of baptisms and babies mentioned above was at hand.

At the Masses, I gave an update on our Phase I progress. Bishop Pates sent his letter of approval after our Diocesan Building Commission presentation. Structural Steel and pre-cast cement bids have been received and forwarded to the respective sub contractors. March 21, the Construction Drawings will be complete; the contractor will give us the Guaranteed Maximum Price and we will sign his contract for the work. Grading should begin when the ground thaws.

The Finance Council has selected West Bank as the institution to work with for our loans. They are helping us with the process of securing Tax Exempt School Bonds through the city of Alleman.

I ask that parents who may be interested in St. Luke’s School please respond to the survey monkey that the School Marketing committee has sent out. If you need information, contact the parish office.

May the Lord bless us all with weather closer to spring!

Fr. Larry Hoffmann