Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Jesus Calls Your Name

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

Sunday as I write this letter, the stormy weather slid just past the Metro area - at least for the time being. We received a nice gentle rain up until now.

On Tuesday, May 6, we had our first Construction Meeting in the on-site trailer with the Architect, Contractor, the work supervisor, our Building Committee chairperson, Dick Johnson, and me. You get a feeling that things are really beginning to unfold as we reviewed the grading that has been pretty well finished, as well as the schedule for digging and pouring footings. That early evening, the Liturgical Furnishings committee reviewed ideas and possible designs for the altar, ambo, tabernacle and stations. The Stewardship Committee followed with their meeting. Discussion of how to plan developing the “Four Pillars of Stewardship” - Hospitality, Prayer, Faith Formation and Service. These four were compared to the four signs of a dynamic Catholic - prayer, faith formation, generosity and evangelization. Brochures and ways to incorporate these four sets into our coming year were discussed.

Still later that evening, the St. Luke School Marketing Committee had its regular meeting. Sally Nicholson, our new principal, met with the committee and discussed various media ways to increase awareness of our new school opening in August of 2015.

Wednesday, the last Religious Education classes for the year were held at St. Anne’s. The k-5 grades participated in the “Moving Up” ceremony into next year’s class. On Thursday, the Parish Pastoral Council had its regular meeting. Minutes and reports from the various committees, teams and council were reviewed. Discussions were held about the next steps for St. Luke’s.

I enjoyed breakfast on Friday with the Regina Funeral Choir at the Ankeny Diner. They have been busy this last year at OLIH. We enjoyed a great breakfast and appreciated the leadership of Marilyn Kelley.

Saturday after the 4:30 pm Mass, the people were invited to share a cake celebrating how we have gone over 200 registered families in St. Luke’s. I had a chance to attend a couple of graduation parties after the Mass and share nice food and conversation. Congratulations graduates!

Saturday and Sunday, the Middle and High School students held a Bake Sale to help raise funds for our Building. They had great food and raised over $260.00 for St. Luke’s. Thanks to the young people and their families.

Keep Jim Boswell in your prayers. His funeral was May12 at St. Anne’s. His wife, Dawn, sons, James, Joseph and Josh, and their families appreciate all that St. Luke’s are doing for them.

Last week, the joining of the 4th Sunday of Easter, Mother’s Day and World Day of Prayer for Vocations, seemed to fit together very nicely. John’s gospel about Jesus the Good Shepherd and his being the gate to the sheepfold, presented Him as one caring for all of us, His sheep. He was willing to and did lay his life down for us all. His selflessness enables to share eternal life. He calls us by name and invites us to follow in his footsteps. He invites us to be selfless in our everyday living. Our mothers can serve as examples of people who heard their names being called and who have given their lives selflessly for us. Those who have heard the call to priesthood, religious life or the permanent diaconate, also follow Jesus to a life of selflessness. May we all find we can hear Jesus call our name and become selfless in our everyday lives as well. May Easter joy echo in our hearts.

Fr. Larry Hoffman