Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Rain, Building Committees and Vacation!

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

Rain! Rain! Rain! That pretty much sums up the weather for the last week. It did rain a lot and often.

Monday, June 23, I met with several parishioners to look at the gym floor in the new Ankeny Elementary building nearing completion. Their gym will be very similar to ours - precast walls - a floor about the same size. We wanted to get a look at their flooring after it was installed to help us select a similar floor for St. Luke’s. That afternoon, we had another meeting at Neuman-Monson’s office with our Contractor and some of the Sub-contractors. We are still doing some value engineering to reduce the costs from sub-contractor bids that were high. Good progress was made.

Tuesday evening, the St. Luke’s School Board met for its regular meeting. The board reviewed and gave tentative approval of its Constitution and By-laws. Approved revisions will be made and then sent to the Diocesan Schools Office for approval. Further discussion was held about an admissions policy with a draft being written before our next meeting. The report from the sub-committee for school items at the Building Committee was also given. We have a potential cost list for needed items that would fit with in the Building Committee budget.

Wednesday the St. Luke’s Publicity Committee welcomed Ann Marie Cox from “The Catholic Mirror” to their meeting. She shared possible ways that publicity for St. Luke’s could be developed. She also answered questions about arriving at a list of Catholics currently living in the parish boundaries. She will get back with information about that kind of list.

At the same time, the Electronics sub-committee of the Building Committee met. They reviewed the progress for the electronics needed for our Phase I facilities. They are trying to fit the needs for security, phones, computers, PA systems, badge reader equipment within the budget. Good progress is being made with lots of work still to be done.

At the same time the Electronics meeting was being held, the Liturgical Furnishings sub-committee met. My brother, Tom, took some hand drawings I had made for altar, ambo, baptismal fount etc. and drew them up using CADD. It gave us a good idea of what they could look like. We will be sending them to Iowa Prison Industries to get a sense of what they might cost. We also reviewed other items within the new liturgical space.

That Wednesday afternoon was just too nice not to get out for a good bike ride. It took a while to get cooled down afterward and still be ready for the evening meetings - but I managed.

Thursday, I went with Fr. Bob Kem and my brother Tom for an early birthday lunch. Thanks Fr. Bob! I spent a good part of that day staying near tissue boxes with a strong running nose and summer cold. I think I am on the back side of it now.

Friday after Mass and getting caught up on email and getting ready for the weekend liturgies, my brother Tom and I went out to Panama to celebrate my brother’s 101st Birthday. We enjoyed lunch with the gathered siblings, in-laws and grand and great grandchildren.

It was good to hear Fr. Reynaldo Hernandez tell us a bit about his home diocese in El Salvador at our two Masses this weekend. May your diocese be blessed in these summer days.

I will be leaving for vacation this Sunday, July 6 and returning July 18. I will spend time with my sister in their home building project in New Mexico. Prayer for all travelers.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann