Father Larry's Letters

"Father Larry's Letters" are a weekly letter/journal about the many events occurring within and around the St. Luke's community.

Celebrating: Baptisms, Wedding and Construction

Dear St. Luke’s Parishioners,

What a beautiful day Sunday, August 27 is! The north steady breeze with low humidity keeps this a great day. We are being blessed with these enjoyable days.

Last Sunday, July 20, the Stewardship committee had its regular meeting in the afternoon. We found charities in the area for the monthly “Tithe of the Tithe” for St. Luke’s: Meals for the Heartland, Des Moines Area Religious Council food pantry and Iowa Right to Life. We discussed and planned Stewardship brochures, the fall ministry fair and the development of a Parish Guide Book of current parishioners. Following that meeting, I met with a couple to plan their upcoming wedding ceremony for mid-August as well as filling out the Church papers for their wedding.

On Monday evening, I attended the monthly Knights of Columbus meeting at St. Anne’s. Tuesday evening, August 22, the Liturgical Furnishings sub-committee of the Building Committee met to review plans submitted to Iowa Prison Industries for our altar, ambo, baptismal font and tabernacle shelf. They have since prepared some of these items in their technical drawings and we are awaiting their bids for the work. Plans are being made to have granite tops on these four furnishings. The presider’s chair and deacon’s chair are included in the drawings. Initial discussions of stations and other sanctuary furnishings were discussed.

Wednesday evening, I took time to have dinner at Pizza Ranch using a special Boy Scout coupon. Troop # 73 scouts were bussing the tables and a portion of the gross from those using the coupons was being given to the troop. Our Knights of Columbus are sponsoring this troop.

On Thursday, I met with the Diocesan Priests Personnel Board. We meet periodically to assist the bishop in finding priests for the various diocesan positions that need to be filled. Later that afternoon, I met with Tim Rolfe, the new Diocesan Senior Housing staff person. We talked about the future when St. Luke’s would be able to begin the Senior Housing part of our facilities. There will be need for a survey of the area to establish what kind of need there is present and then to develop what these facilities would be able to do. He is brand new in the position and is learning what his job is all about.

On Friday evening, I went out to St. Boniface church in Westphalia, Iowa (near Harlan) for a wedding rehearsal. My 1st cousin once removed, was gathering to conclude immediate plans for his wedding to his fiancé from Brazil. He has worked there for several years. He served as the main translator for her family attending that wedding. The next day, we enjoyed the celebration of their wedding and gathering with cousins and my aunt and uncle.

At the August 27 Sunday Mass, I enjoyed celebrating the baptism of Knox Walter Grabau Keele, the son of Calvin and Paige. He was a peaceful baby who did not wake even as the St. Luke’s community welcomed him as I presented him. Welcome Knox! Following the baptism party at his parents’ home, I attended the “Holypalooza” OLIH parish celebration in conjunction with Fr. Steve Orr’s 40th Anniversary of Ordination. It was a great celebration.

I encourage you to drive by the building site. Lots of steel erection has taken place this last week. The beams for the worship space are mostly in place. You can get a real good idea of the dimensions of our developing facilities. A good deal of the underground sewer pipes have been laid under the buildings. Keep the parish and all the workers in your prayers. May all be safe in these days of building.

Fr. Larry Hoffmann